How to Win Progressive Jackpot at Online Poker?

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  • Posted on May 1, 2020
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Most progressive jackpots are available on slots. Yet, there are certain table games where you can also hit a life-changing prize while enjoying online gambling. They are online Poker games or even better – live dealer Poker games.

In this article, we will discuss the options available at Live Poker tables and what it takes for a progressive jackpot to be hit. Stay with us and learn how to qualify for the top prize and how big it can get.

Online Poker Games and Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to online Poker, gambling sites offer a decent amount of options. Whether you want to play them at virtual or live tables, you can choose a game that suits you best. However, not all online casinos offer Poker variants with a progressive jackpot ticking away.

how to win a progressive jackpot at online poker
Evolution’s Live Casino Hold’em Poker Offers a Progressive Jackpot
Online Poker is all about creating a better hand to beat the dealer. The same goes for a progressive jackpot, which functions differently than in online slots. While slot machines pay progressive prizes at random in most cases, at online Poker, you need to create a required hand to lay your hands on the top prize or a share of the pot. The good news is that more players can share the prize pool.

Best Online Casinos to Play Online Poker with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots at Live Dealer Tables

If you want to play a Poker game that will provide you with a chance to win a life-changing jackpot, you should visit Evolution-powered live casinos. They offer tables with uncapped jackpot prizes which can be obtained through an optional side bet. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Live Casino Hold’em

    With a starting pot of €1 million funded by the developer, Live Casino Hold’em offers the Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet. It pays the biggest online Live Casino progressive prize in the online gambling industry. The pot increases with every bet placed and keeps growing until one of the players across the network wins it with a 7-card Straight Flush. There are also fixed payouts of lower value that can be hit with a range of other Poker hands, from a Straight to a 6-card Straight Flush, which grants 5,000:1.

  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker

    Caribbean Stud Poker is popular for a progressive jackpot it offers at virtual tables. Evolution Gaming has come up with its version of the game. Designed in partnership with Games Marketing, it is the only live casino version of the game available online. While providing players with a realistic casino experience,Live Caribbean Stud Poker also offers an uncapped progressive jackpot that grows until it is hit with a Royal Flush hand. It starts at €50,000 funded by Evolution. To qualify for the top prize, players need to play the Progressive Jackpot side bet. Besides the ever-increasing top jackpot, the game also pays fixed jackpot prizes of lower value. They can be won with hands or lower ranking, from a Three of a Kind to a Straight Flush. The latter can earn you 2,500:1.

  • Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

    Another unique offering from the leading live casino provider, Live Texas Holdem Bonus Poker, comes equipped with the First Five Jackpot side bet. It can earn you the ever-growing progressive prize starting at €50,000. Again, the amount is provided by the developer, and it increases whenever a player places the side bet that qualifies them for the top prize. To win the top progressive jackpot, one needs a Royal Flush hand. Hands of a lower ranking can earn you lower-level fixed jackpots. To win one of them, besides placing the side bet, you need a hand that can be anywhere from a Three of a Kind to a Straight Flush, which again pays 2,500:1.

Side Bets that Can Be Worth Your Money

As you can see, to win a progressive jackpot at an online Poker table, you need to place a side bet that will qualify you for the top prize. In most cases, we would tell you to avoid playing side bets because of their high house edge.

However, at online Poker variants with progressive jackpots, optional bets are the only means that can earn you that massive prize. That’s why you should go for them once in a while, and if you get lucky to create the required high-ranking hand, you can be the next big winner!

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