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The advantages online casinos have over land-based casinos are obvious. However, there was something lacking from the moment they appeared on the online gambling scene: the thrill and atmosphere of a real casino. Now the online casino has the solution: the live casino!

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The incredible growth of online casinos in the past 2 decades saw them ‘kidnap’ the gambling industry, with millions of players preferring to play games online rather than plan a trip to a casino.

Online casinos are easier to access and have a better library of games that you can play anytime and anywhere. Due to this, it’s no wonder why people ditched land-based casinos so quickly and as time goes by, online casinos should completely replace their land-based counterparts.

How Does a Live Casino Work?

Live casinos aren’t exactly cheap or simple to run. They require a 3-room setup for each game, usually a server room, live studio, and an analyst room. Of course, they also require more staff and heavier investment in technology, which makes them much more expensive than virtual games.

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This is the reason why online casinos may have hundreds of virtual games in their library, but only a handful of live dealer games. The cost of maintenance is pretty high as well, as the nature of these games requires online casinos to have an IT manager available 24/7 so any technical glitches can be resolved in a timely manner.

The thing that makes live casinos so enjoyable is that they allow the player to play against a human dealer instead of a computer from the comfort of their own home. The technology behind it is quite complex. First and foremost, online casinos have software known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which translates physical financial transactions into usable data.

If the player needs any kind of assistance, he can contact the dealer via live chat. All the results are determined by the dealer, which adds a human touch to the games, unlike virtual games where everything’s automated.

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The key components of every live studio are cameras and the GCU (Game Control Unit). Cameras are a very important cog in the wheel, considering the fact that the game is streamed in real time.

This means that the casino should invest in high-quality HD cameras in order to keep the stream sharp and clean. The number of live feed cameras is also important – the more cameras the casino has, the better the experience. For example, some live dealer games have cameras that allow slow-motion replays and better camera angles, which isn’t something you get playing in a land-based casino.

On the other hand, the Game Control Unit is a vital part of any live dealer game. This small box decodes the video signal from the cameras and also assists the dealer in running the game. Without it, no live dealer game could be made possible.

A Gambling Revolution

In order to make online casinos appeal to a larger base of players and bring the thrills of a casino online, casino game developers invented a new type of games – live dealer games. A revolution in online gambling! Regularly appearing in the live casino section of online casinos, live dealer games are run by a human dealer at a real casino table and streamed to the player’s screen of choice.

Live Casino roulette
Live Lightning Roulette

In this way, players can enjoy all their favorite games and interact with the dealer via a console. The only thing missing are the comps, but we have no doubt that online casinos will think of something in the future. During the last 20 years, advances made in the IT field and the developments in the communications industry have allowed production of much better games and brought live casinos even closer to players.

With broadband internet becoming a standard, live casinos have become an inseparable part of online casinos and are constantly growing in popularity. They are the closest thing to a real casino without actually stepping into one and as IT technology develops in the future, the gap will close further.

Live Dealer Games

The technical requirements and the high cost of live casinos are the main reasons why there are only a handful of live dealer games. Major casinos may afford more variations, but smaller casinos will always have more virtual than live dealer games simply because of the cost.

With that being said, there are quite a few live dealer games and variations players can enjoy. Leading game designers such as Evolution Gaming have created a host of top-notch live dealer games with a unique twist that millions of players love.

Take Lightning Roulette for example – it’s a mix of standard roulette with top-of-the-line RNG action that has revolutionized the game of roulette, giving players extra chances to win. It’s an electrifying spin on roulette and Evolution Gaming’s most impressive offering by far.

Of course, other casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker also have their own live versions, so casino enthusiasts shouldn’t have any problems with the live dealer game selection.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The biggest advantage of live casinos is that they bring the atmosphere of a Vegas casino to your mobile, PC, laptop or tablet screen. In this way, you can enjoy a game of roulette played against a human dealer anytime without taking the day off to hit the Vegas Strip. Furthermore, online casinos often offer special bonuses for live dealer games which have the goal of bringing more and more players to the live table. Of course, they won’t be as big as virtual game bonuses, but they will still give you extra credits to play with, which is just about what every player hopes for.

On the other hand, the high costs of running a live studio and the inability to fully match the unique casino atmosphere are the main disadvantages of live casinos. No matter how hard they try, they can’t replicate the sights and sounds of a Vegas casino and it will probably stay like that in the near future. Plus, when you get to play live dealer games, you’ll notice that the minimum bets are a bit higher than regular casino tables. This is due to the high maintenance costs for live dealer games and is something you should know before you try your hand at any live dealer game.

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