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  • Posted on September 4, 2020
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Let It Ride poker is a relatively new casino game, based on traditional poker, albeit with one important difference: you’re don’t get to play against other players!

Let It Ride was invented by a company that produces shuffling machines for casinos, called ShuffleMaster. The game takes place at a semi-circular table, where up to seven players have the chance to take on the dealer.

However, unlike some other poker variants, such as Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride won’t require players to beat the dealer in order to win. All they have to do is to get a winning combination, while the size of their payout will depend on the strength of their hand.

Choosing the Right Strategy

Just like in other games, there are strategies players can use when playing Let It Ride poker to increase their chances of claiming a win.

The Right Strategy for Your First Bet

Once you receive your initial three cards, and you have a winning hand, the smartest thing to do is to let it ride. That means you’ll place your three cards underneath the wager in circle 1. The same move should be made if you have three cards to a straight flush, but only if that flush is higher than a straight containing 2, 3, and 4. In case the straight flush is with one or two gaps, don’t let it ride unless there is a 10 among your cards.

Otherwise, we advise you to pull back the bet.

how to win at let it ride poker
Increase your chances of winning at Let it Ride Poker.

We are certain that this strategy may appear conservative, but that’s only because such an approach has the best results when you play Let It Ride poker. That means that in most cases, you’re likely to pull back your first bet.

The Right Strategy for Your Second Bet

When it comes to choosing whether to let your second bet ride or not, here’s what we suggest. There are four situations when your best move is to let the bet ride:

When you have any sort of winning hand
When you have four cards to a flush
When you have four cards to a straight flush
And when you have four cards to an outside straight. However in this case, at least one of your cards need to be a 10 or higher.

Apart from that, your best option would be to pull back your bet.

Inside Straight vs Outside Straight

We should probably clarify the concept of an inside straight, especially when compared to an outside straight. Drawing to an outside straight is when a player has two cards that are capable of completing a straight.

Let’s see that in action. If you have 3, 4, 5, and 6, two cards can complete your straight. Those are a 2 and a 7. That’s the perfect example of an outside straight draw, where your chances to hit a straight with an outside draw are significantly bigger.

An inside straight draw is when only one card can complete your straight. For example, if 3, 4, 6 and 7 are in your hand, only a 5 can help you hit your straight. In this case, you’re only half as likely to complete the straight with an inside draw.

Best online casinos to play Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride poker offers an entertaining and rewarding experience, especially as there is no competition between players participating in the game, and the house edge is much better than Roulette. It can also be a good way to take a break from slot machines. Visit OnlineGambling24.com today, and give this interesting variant of the famous game a go. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

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