Caribbean Stud Poker

What if you want to play poker but not against a bunch of other players? Than you should play Caribbean Stud Poker. You play against the casino. Want to learn how to do this at best? Read this article.

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Millions of players and casino enthusiasts around the world are in love with poker. It’s a fun game, offers a nice payout, and there are more variations than anyone could think of.

Texas Hold ’Em, stud poker, straight poker, and video poker are all popular forms of the card game which are played every day at land-based and online casinos. All of these variations have different rules, but essentially, the goal is to beat the other players.

Caribbean Stud Poker
Royal Flush means jackpot

But what if you could play versus the casino only? It’s certainly an exciting challenge, isn’t it? You’d like to try your hand in poker against a casino rather than a group of players? Caribbean Stud Poker gives you the chance to do so. It’s not only the challenge of beating the house that draws players to this poker variant. Most are drawn to it because of the huge jackpot often attached to the game.

What are the Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean Stud Poker is available in land-based and online casinos both. The game is played the same, except for the fact that you’re playing alone in online versions rather than at a table that has up to 7 player spots.

The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer (casino) at his own game and walk away with a huge cash prize. Of course, it’s far more complicated than that, but the main goal is obviously clear.

The game starts with the player placing a bet on the ante, a box that’s clearly marked on the table. Players can place their wagers on the ante until the dealer calls for “No more bets’, which is self-explanatory. Before the dealer ends the betting, players can also place a wager on the progressive jackpot. The jackpot attached to the game in another box that is also clearly marked on the layout.

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5 Cards are Dealt

Once the bets are accepted by the dealer, he’ll deal a total of 5 face-down cards to each player and himself, turning one face up. After he’s done, players can take a look at the cards and the game begins. After taking a good look at his cards, the player should decide whether to fold or play. If the hand is not even close to winning (based on traditional poker hand rankings), the obvious choice for the player is to fold.

If he decides to play, he’s required to make a bet in a separate box which should be twice the size of the ante. If the player folds, he loses his ante and the progressive jackpot side bet as well. If he chooses to play, he still has a shot at beating the dealer. The dealer will reveal his cards after each player decides his move, then compare them to each player’s hand individually. The player with a losing hand loses the ante and jackpot bets.

If a player ties the dealer’s hand, the game results in a push, which means the player gets his original wager back. If the player wins, the ante bet pays 1:1, with the secondary bet payout depending on the hand the player has. For example, One Pair that beats the dealer pays 1:1, a Flush pays 5:1, while a Straight Flush pays 40:1.

The real jackpot lies in a Royal Flush, which pays a whopping 100:1 in this exciting variant of poker. Even if a player loses to the dealer, but still has a Flush, Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Full House or Four-of-a-Kind, he can win the progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Online

If you would like to try Caribbean Stud Poker in an online casino, that’s easy to do. Just click on one of our selected online casinos and you can play without opening an account. You can find is at the section Table Games or in the Live Casino section. Click on the pic and the table will open. Choose your playing chips just by clicking on them, each colour has a different value.

Caribbean Stud Poker online
Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Top left shows the minimum and maximum bet. Place your chip on the circle with “ante” in it and after you click on “deal” you’ll receive five cards. If you’re satisfied with your cards place a double ante on the “call” section and the dealer’s hand will open. The best hand will win.

What are Progressive Bets?

The good thing about the progressive bets in Caribbean Stud Poker is that the payout’s really big. Wouldn’t it be great to beat the dealer and get extra money on top of it? However, the reality is that although the payout looks amazing, it also comes with an unbelievable house edge which is most often over 26%.

This means that if you choose to play the progressive bet all the time, you can burn through your money pretty fast. Definitely isn’t what you want. We suggest trying to stay in the game for as long as possible. Win some money before you actually place a bet on the progressive jackpot. Play it every now and then and you may win it all if you’re really lucky.


Caribbean Stud Poker is a great variation of poker made fun by the potential of winning the huge progressive jackpot. And of course, it requires a lot of knowledge about poker in general before you go on and sit at a table or start the game in an online casino. Like with all casino games, we suggest getting good at Caribbean Stud Poker through free practice in online casinos, and only then trying your skills against the dealer.

Although it does look alluring, the progressive jackpot is a side bet you should be wary of. Experts recommend sticking to the ante only if you don’t have a large bankroll. Only bet on it when it gets quite large. In this way, you can win a lot of money for a reasonable bet. Add to that the even money paid out for beating the dealer and you’ll surely walk away (or log-out) from the casino happy.

The Origins of Caribbean Stud Poker

Originally introduced to the gambling scene in the 1980s, the origins of Caribbean Stud Poker are not exactly clear. What’s clear is that the rules are obviously derived from five-card stud poker. There’s no bluffing since the player plays against the house, not other players at the table.

As we mentioned, the origins of this poker variant are still a mystery. It’s a relatively new game which appeared in casinos during the 80s. Legendary poker player David Sklansky claiming that he invented it. Sklansky supposedly named the game Casino Poker in 1982 and his original version differed from what we know as Caribbean Stud Poker today. In his version, the dealer had both his cards revealed. This instead of one and there was no progressive jackpot attached to the game.

However, Sklansky couldn’t patent Casino Poker at the time. The rights of the game were bought by a player who brought it to King International Casino in Aruba. Later it was patented. After a few rule tweaks, the casino changed the name of the game to Caribbean Stud Poker, creating this popular poker variant.

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