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  • Posted on February 12, 2024
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RAW iGaming, a fast-growing online casino content developer, has decided to leave a lasting mark on the industry immediately. Besides creating exceptional games, this provider developed some astounding features and mechanisms, improving its games’ quality immensely. The company wants to make games that will conquer the entire iGaming world by storm.

The company has set out to change the industry for the better with its innovations, fighting the sameness of slots fiercely. Most studios settle for the same things as their competitors, with row after row of similar 5×3 and 5×4 slots. Copying other studios’ engines and mechanisms annihilates originality and ultimately spoils the industry.

The studio introduced multiple memorable games, but a few original features will make playing these titles even more attractive. Mechanisms and engines like SuperSlice and SuperTracks, as well as various add-ons, change the face of the iGaming industry. Read the article to know more about the perks RAW iGaming offers and how they improve the games.


SuperSlice represents an entirely new way to play casino games, delivering a groundbreaking innovation. The dynamically-charged, patent-pending SuperSlice technology brings a new approach to the table. Those who have never tried RAW iGaming releases will genuinely experience something previously unseen.

This engine grants 2 to 12 dynamic slices on any wheel design, always surprising players, for they never know how many they will hold. It can be a multiplier trigger, bonus, premium, low-value symbol, or blank. In addition, every icon, feature or blank can repeatedly turn up on the wheel. It means you never know what you will get, and the action is different on each spin. The element of surprise makes the engine so enjoyable.


SuperSlice is not the only innovative asset coming from RAW iGaming, for it has the engine to revolutionise playing games. It is a more straightforward, entertaining way to play, where you follow symbols, watch the tracks cascade, and start earning money. If your icon can follow a track, your payouts will be waiting. Numerous pleasant surprises are in store for you, with many fantastic wins for you if Lady Luck looks your way.

You are not paid based on lines but on position and movement on the track, grabbing more wins the more you track. Power-ups and various other awards, including multipliers, bonuses, free spins, and more, are possible along the way. Plenty of exciting things will happen when you try out SuperTracks releases, and RAW iGaming has found a way to refresh your games.

Super Tracks Features
The more you track, the more you win with Super Tracks!


Besides the engines mentioned above, the provider has also developed some add-ons to improve the iGaming experience. These perks make the typical rounds even more thrilling and dynamic, bringing extra entertainment. The company likes to say they are like dinosaurs in space, giving extra spice to the games you will remember for a long time.


Clusterspin is an excellent way to increase your winnings when you lose, instantly changing your luck. Moreover, it can also be a way to enhance your existing wins when you are on a good run. You can grab an extra 1,000x on top of your win. Clusterspin offers various possibilities, and you can improve or prolong your luck in 3 easy steps.

It gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your normal gameplay even when you play a losing round. The first step is choosing a Clusterspin package with 5, 10, 15 or 20 spins, then selecting a side bet. A bad round will be eased once you choose whether you will have a winning or a losing round. On the other hand, you will raise the excitement on a good one if it comes.

Bonus Rush

Bonus Rush is a popular asset that has been trending for the last few years, letting players choose a feature and a level. You can then set the desired bet and jump right into the bonus action. The game plays out directly once you start your quest, and the rush commences. Your gaming experience will never be the same once you check out this feature, for RAW iGaming has delivered something completely different.

RAW iGaming believes in creating games that stand out and change the industry for the better. This way, the studio quickly attempts to establish its market position, vying for leadership. Some time might pass until it can compete with the likes of Evolution or Pragmatic Play.

The games and features the company creates look to shorten the way to the top by offering things never seen before. The three basic principles the company brings to the table are innovation, entertainment and simplicity. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to learn more about the upcoming projects from RAW iGaming and everything they offer.

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