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Majority Rules Speed Blackjack: New Playtech Game Explained

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  • Written by Anette
  • Posted on June 29, 2020
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One of the leading names in the online gambling industry, Playtech, expanded its offering of games earlier this month with the launch of a brand-new release. Titled Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, the developer’s recent addition to its extensive portfolio is a scalable game with a special focus on community play.

Punters from all over the world can look forward to classic Blackjack gameplay, albeit with an important twist, as Playtech prepared a new approach when it comes to the interaction between players. The new gameplay and the two modes on offer are sure to make this release stand out in the crowd.

Bringing Democracy to Blackjack

At first, the new Majority Rules Speed Blackjack will not appear different from any other Blackjack title available online. The game is played with multiple decks, and with European rules applied. All players taking part in the game will see the same cards, while their decisions will be made based on the hand they’ve been dealt. What sets this game apart from other standard Blackjack titles is the way decisions are made. You will not be able to do that by yourself. No, you’re only allowed to vote, just like the rest of the table. In the end, the decision with the majority of votes will win. Hence the name Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

Playtech Majority Rules Speed Blackjack
What you need to know about Playtech’s new Blackjack game.
Any decision, whether to hit, stand, double, or split, will need to get the support of more than half of players before it’s played. That’s how the Majority Rules mode works. Playtech understood this mechanism might not appeal to some punters. That’s why the company’s developers decided to create a more dynamic playing experience with rounds going much faster than usual. That way, they made the game more appealing to seasoned Blackjack players, as newbies are likely to make more mistakes and bad decisions.

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Getting Used to the Rules

But it’s good to know that Playtech implemented certain methods to prevent major mistakes from occurring. The Majority Rules Speed Blackjack game requires a sufficient number of players to be played “democratically”. If there are not enough players, a guided play is introduced. Playtech didn’t wish to reveal the exact number of punters needed, but it did point out this had been done to prevent malicious moves during a game. It should be noted that the guided play is done using a basic Blackjack strategy.

This is the Best Strategy mode, and it represents a nice addition to the game, although we don’t believe it will be used often since this exciting title doesn’t have a limit to the number of players that can be hosted. Some decisions are still up to you, no matter what the majority says. For example, if it’s decided to split or double, you’ll need to spend additional funds to proceed. However, you can choose not to follow along with that round, if that doesn’t suit your budget.

The Key to Success

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack shows us that Playtech continues to implement new and innovative ideas to its releases, and we’re happy to see that’s being done in a successful way. Being innovative is what creates industry leaders, and by using new technologies and approaches, Playtech is guaranteed to have an advantage over its competitors. Making sure a game stays fresh and appealing is a never-ending work, but it’s something the gambling technology giant is capable of pulling off!


Here at we are sure to play a couple of rounds and see how the new release checks out. You are free to join and we can all enjoy the fresh take on a traditional Blackjack game. If you like a high-speed game, this is the one for you.

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