Money Drop Live Game Show by Playtech: New Money Wheel Game

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  • Posted on July 16, 2021
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Playtech has added a new live dealer game to its offering of live casino titles. Titled Money Drop Live, the recent launch was developed together with Endemol Shine Gaming, with whom Playtech extended its partnership deal last year. What makes it stands out in the market is the unique approach it takes.

The game will offer you your winning even before it starts, while your goal is to retain as much as possible. That’s done using the Cash Clash bonus or Money Drop rounds.

The new live dealer release draws its inspiration from Playtech’s Money Drop video slot, while the game alongside the live version is based on a popular UK quiz show called The Million Pound Drop.

Players can look forward to getting a place in the Cash Clash bonus round or claiming a multiplier ranging up to 2,500x. If they reach the Cash Clash round, they may win prizes going up to 1,000 times their bet.

The latest live dealer game from Playtech follows the successful launch of Adventures Beyond Wonderland, and the gaming company hopes it will be equally popular.

How to Play The Money Drop Live

Using the right strategy can enable players to win every bet. It includes covering all bases and playing very conservatively. However, they can also hit huge prizes if they risk a bit. Playing the game is very simple: place a bet on one of the 54 segments the wheel has. A bet can be made on any segment. However, if you want to win a place in the Cash Clash bonus or the Money Drops round, all segments need to be covered.

Here’s how the wheel is divided:

• twenty 8x segments with one drop round
• eleven 15x segments with one drop round
• six 30x segments with one drop round
• seven 100x segments with two drop rounds
• three 250x segments with two drop rounds
• three 1,000x segments with three drop rounds
• one 2,500x segment with three drop rounds
• three Card Clash segments, which take players to the bonus game

After bets are placed, the live host spins the wheel to see where it stops. Players can enter the Cash Clash bonus and, at the same time, claim the multiplier attached to the segment they wagered on.

The Money Drops Rounds

As we already mentioned, players will win cash upfront, and their only goal throughout the game is to hold on to what they have. That means they have to make sure they do not lose the cash and won’t have to focus on building it up. Such an innovative approach gives a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

The Money Drop round will see players place their bet on one of the four available platforms or equally across all four of them.

Money Drop round
Try your luck in new Playtech’s game show titled The Money Drop Live.

Choose more than one platform involves risk, as three of them drop away at the end. Players can only claim the money on the remaining platform. Landing a higher multiplier can help offset the losses, but they’ll certainly need a bit of luck for that. If they decide to use a more conservative strategy, they may be able to take home a profit.

The Card Clash Bonus

There are only three Card Clash segments, while players can enter the bonus round where one half of them will be pit against the other. All it takes is for a bet on the Cash Clash segment to come it. You can even choose the side you want to be on, with the live host drawing a card for each of the sides. The side with the highest card wins.

Winning all three rounds awards a 95x multiplier, winning twice awards 15x, and 5x if you win only once. It’s possible that your side doesn’t win any round. If that happens, you’ll lose everything.

The best result you can expect after winning all three rounds is a payout worth 1,000 times the bet.

Playtech’s Money Drop Live introduces a new gaming concept of giving players money even before winning anything. Their goal is to keep as much as possible. The unique approach used here results in a psychology that is different from other game shows. Playtech is sure to strengthen its positions in the live casino segment with this game, which is undoubtedly set to become the next big hit. To learn more about live dealer games, visit today.

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