No Deposit Bonus Codes – The Why, the How and the Where

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  • Posted on March 17, 2020
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You know that No Deposit Bonuses give you freebies without the need to make a deposit. But why do we need Bonus Codes to claim them? How do we do it? Where can we find these codes?

Online casinos give players all kinds of promotions and bonuses, so that players can boost their winnings with freebies. And while other bonuses are cool, the No Deposit Bonuses are the coolest, because they require no deposit on the player’s part.

Sometimes, though, these offers require Bonus Codes to claim them. But why? Why do we need No Deposit Bonus Codes? Where can we find the codes and how can we use them to claim the bonuses?

No Deposit Bonus Codes Explained

At, we make sure to give you the best instructions and answers to the most unusual questions you may have regarding online casinos and things related to them. At this occasion, we’ll discuss No Deposit Bonus Codes, because they seem to leave players confused every time they are offered.

A No Deposit Bonus Code is a string of numbers and letters that somehow describe the bonus that you’re eyeing and wishing to claim. The code is your key to unlocking the bonus. But why are these codes required in the first place? Can we just press Claim on the bonus and finish the job in this way?

This is where you can find the best No Deposit Bonuses and Codes:

For starters, codes are required if the casino offers several different No Deposit Bonuses, intended for different groups of players. There can be different No Deposit Bonuses, such as Exclusive No Deposit Bonuses, No Deposit Free Spins or No Deposit No Wagering Requirement Bonuses.

With a code, a casino is differentiating these offers. When you claim a code for, say, No Deposit Free Spins, the casino will know that you want to redeem that particular bonus, and not the Exclusive No Deposit Bonus, for instance.

Playing at online casinos with No Deposit Bonus Codes
Playing at online casinos with No Deposit Bonus Codes
Then, the casino uses these bonus codes as means make you feel special. Imagine checking out a casino and receiving a code on your email or Live Chat which helps you to claim a special offer. Wouldn’t you feel special, the chosen one, appreciated? You sure would.

And then of course, the fun element comes in play. It is super-entertaining to be able to look for a bonus, find it and use it to unlock your bonus. Sometimes, you know, operators make it extra special for you to find your bonus, creating like a little treasure hunt game for you. You need to click on a special link to discover your code, and then use it to redeem this special bonus. Sounds fun, right?

Claiming No Deposit Bonus Codes

As mentioned, the code can be sent to you by email or Live Chat. But usually, operators make it far easier for you to spot the code and use it to claim the offer. They do this by writing the code on the offer itself. Therefore, all you need to do is remember the code and use it to redeem the bonus.

Now, when you notice that the code is missing on the offer itself, make sure you check your email or Live Chat to see whether one has been sent to you. If not, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support to ask for your code.

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The Takeaway

Before you claim a No Deposit Bonus, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of the offer and see whether a No Deposit Bonus Code is needed for you to claim the offer. Check your email or Live Chat to see whether you’ve been sent one, or contact the Customer Support to help you out.

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