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In order to stay ahead of the competition, every online casino offers some kind of unique bonus for new or existing customers. In the sea of bonuses out there, there’s one many like to offer – the no deposit bonus.

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The Best No Deposit Bonuses of 2021

How To Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

You can claim a no deposit bonus without having to make a deposit. All you have to do is create an account and you will receive the bonus in the form of free spins, free cash or free play, it's that simple. Follow these steps to be sure of your bonus.

1. Get Through the Bonus T&C’s

Please note that there are terms and conditions attached to a no deposit bonus. Of course, casinos are not just going to give away free money or free spins. So it is only logical that there are conditions attached to it. One of the conditions is that you must be a new player. Another condition is that you cannot withdraw the money until it’s been wagered. Once you have played around the money at one of the games, you can withdraw it. Also, there may be a time limit and maximum payout attached to the bonus. Have in mind that these terms and conditions differ from one casino to another, therefore, it is advisable to carefully read and compare them.

no deposit bonus terms

2. Create an Account

When you have chosen your casino, you can start creating your account. The first thing you have to do is enter some personal details. You do not have to worry that this data will leak to third parties. You can be sure your information is secure. To complete your registration you have to verify your email. The complete process should only take a few minutes.

no deposit bonus create account

3. One More Step?

In most cases, the no deposit bonus is provided automatically. All you have to do is create an account. If this is the case, this step can be skipped.

Then, some casinos require you to contact their customer support, either via chat or by sending them an email.

And finally, some no deposit bonuses come with bonus codes that need to be entered into a corresponding field to claim them.

no depsit bonus claimen

4. Open the Videoslot or Casino Game

Your next step is to open the video slot that is appointed for the no deposit bonus and start playing with the activated spins on your account. If you have chosen a free cash bonus, you can start playing any game you want.

no depsit bonus spins

5. Wager Your Winnings

All winnings must eventually be played around (wagered) before you can withdraw it to your bank account.

no deposit bonus wagering1

Should I Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

We would like to start by telling you that using a no deposit bonus can certainly be beneficial.

All you have to do is create an account, after which you can start playing with your bonus immediately. We also want to mention why some players choose to ignore the no deposit bonus.

  • Benefits

    The most obvious benefit of this bonus is the chance to play without the fear of losing your own money. If you’re wondering why casinos offer this kind of bonus, it’s a marketing trick. By giving you free money to play with, casinos are sure that players will eventually become regular visitors. That means more money for the house. Another great benefit is that most players choose to try a riskier and unfamiliar game with the no deposit bonus instead of spending their own money on it.

    • As a new player you can explore the casino without using your own money
    • You have a free chance to win real money
    • You can try new games for free (with the chance of winning)
  • Disadvantages

    And, although there are obvious benefits of the no deposit casino bonus, there are negative sides as well. The biggest mistake most players make when getting any kind of casino bonus is not reading the terms and conditions. All casino bonuses are subject to T&Cs which should be read before you get the bonus.

    For example, most casinos allow you to claim the bonus only after a certain number of wagers. This can range anywhere from 10 to 50 wagers. Others allow you to play it on certain games only. Of course, there’s a maximum cap set on the amount of money that can be wagered with the bonus. So if you were planning on winning thousands, you’ll have no such luck with a no deposit bonus.

    • There is often a limit to how much you can win with a no deposit bonus
    • Wagering requirements
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Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos offer these no deposit bonuses with only one purpose. To attract players by offering them a chance to test out the waters and win at the same time. This is what distinguishes these bonuses from ‘demo play’ mode.

This ‘Demo Play’ is nowadays available for most of the games in the library. Players able to enjoy exciting gameplay at all the hottest slots and table games.

One thing that could help you make the most of the no deposit bonus is learning more about the different types available in an online casino. Each of these awards the “free money” in their own form, so it is best to be aware of some of their specifics.

Some No Deposit bonuses offer free spins as a form of ‘free money’ rewarded to the new player. The spins are regularly offered straight upon registration, prior to making your own deposit, and normally vary in number. Some operators may go wild with 50 or even a hundred freebies at a single bonus. Others keep things modest with a few free tries at the top slots, just to get the feel of it.

Wagering requirements, as well as game selection restrictions are evident in this bonus type as much as any other. Read through any conditions attached to the offer. Free spins are most specifically known to trap players. After the bonus you’ll deposit your own money.

Another type of bonus that is awarded to players. Before making their first deposit with a new online casino site, they get free cash. In this case, the bonus can be claimed much like the previous one. Instead of getting a set number of spins to use at their chosen slot, they get actual cash. This is better known as bonus credits, directly deposited into their player account.

These credits, consequently, can be used as regular funds to make bets at all your favorite games. You can distribute them as you like, just as long as they are in accordance with the bonus terms and conditions. You get more or less free spins or bets at the chosen games.

The third, and rarest type of No Deposit bonus is known as free play. Other than newly registered players, free play is also frequently made available during tournaments or other promotions. And they are for regular and loyal players as well.

Basically, the free play bonus is comprised of a given free play time, during which players can make any of the included bets at the selected eligible games. Beware of the terms attached to such bonus types, as casinos will naturally try to profit back from the free play offered to their player pool, most often by imposing higher than usual wagering requirements.

Nevertheless, these free play bonuses are still among the most recommendable. Considering you find one with realistic wagering expectations, be sure to make use of it. The tips and guidelines provided further below will be of help, so read on and win more.

How to Make the Most of It – Tips & Guidelines

With some permanent and key features such as wagering requirements, these bonuses can end up making or breaking your online casino player career.

To help you make the most of any of the said bonuses you may encounter, a list of the top tips and guidelines is illustrated below:

    • Don’t let the bonus size fool you

Most players are likely to get carried away with an extra-generous casino bonus offering three times more free spins than the rest of its competition. However, while higher game library numbers can account for a more diverse gameplay, these numbers could simply end up accruing that much more of a rollover to meet.

    • Calculate wagering requirements beforehand

Seeing the wagering requirements and actually understanding them are two different things, and the latter most often happens only after you’ve gotten yourself too deep. Make sure you calculate the precise amount you will be obliged to wager beforehand, and only then decide if you can handle benefitting from the said bonus.

    • Consider the casino’s reliability

Even with the top bonus terms and conditions, there is room for doubt, and in such cases, it most often falls on the casino operators themselves. If the offer seems too good to be true, try doing a background check – it probably is the case. A good way to distinguish between scams and reliable casinos is to check for SSL encryption certificates in their URL bar or Privacy Policy, as well as obtained licenses for operations.

    • Be aware of limits (on stakes/available games/cashouts)

Bonus offers in general, No Deposits included, come with strict terms of use, and the greater part of them refer to restrictions. These apply to the stake sizes, the games where players are eligible to use the free bonus spins, cash or credits, as well as the amount they can actually cash out once they redeem the bonus. Consider the percentages of the different games in the library with which they contribute to the bonus redemption process – every little thing can drive you closer to making this a winning experience.

no deposit bonus tips

No Deposit Bonus FAQ

The no deposit bonus consists of free spins and/or free play money. You usually get around 50 free spins with each a value of €0.01 – €0.05. Free money is often around €5, so a lot more beneficial for you as a player! You get much more value which allows you to play longer.

With a no deposit bonus, you can eventually win real money without having to make a deposit.

But before you get there, you have to wager it a lot. The wagering requirements tell you how often you must bet this bonus money before you can withdraw it as real money. Usually, you have to wager it between 30 and 50x times. If you manage to unlock your bonus money, you will win real money!

When you get a no deposit bonus, you are bound by a few conditions. If you get the free spins, you can only use them on a video slot. The online casino decides for you which video slot this is. If you get free play money, you can often use it on all games. However, this is subject to the conditions, sometimes you can only bet a maximum of €0.50 per round, for example.

The great thing about a no deposit bonus is that there are absolutely no risks involved. With a deposit bonus, you always have the risk of losing your deposit; this is not the case with a no deposit bonus. This makes these bonuses even more interesting; after all, you can play in an online casino without risk, and that is rare! So you can make a profit without having to deposit any money yourself.

Our Thoughts

While it’s quite appealing to new players, you should definitely read the terms and conditions for a no deposit bonus before agreeing to it. Plus, due to the highly competitive market nowadays, no deposit bonuses are pretty standard. So they rarely make a casino stand out in the crowd. Due to this, most casinos turn to other kinds of promotions. Our tip: Choose to deposit and claim a much more lucrative welcome bonus.

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