Online Bingo: Do You Need a Strategy or Pure Luck?

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  • Posted on October 2, 2020
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Bingo is a very simple and easy to learn game, and it’s this simplicity that made it so popular. It doesn’t matter whether you play bingo online or offline, the excitement of waiting to see if your number will come up next makes the whole experience special.

However, the online version of the popular game appears to be more skilled based than the traditional variant, resembling games like Blackjack or poker. This means online bingo is based on chance, which implies there’s no strategy involved.

But although it looks like players can’t influence the outcome of the balls, there are a couple of strategies that can be used when enjoying a game of online bingo.

Granville’s Strategy

This strategy was developed by Joseph Granville, a mathematician, and analyst. It’s very popular among players of online bingo and includes a certain set of criteria that needs to be met. First of all, it requires an equal number of both high and low numbers, as well as the same number of odd and even numbers. The last, but equally important condition is an even split of numbers from one to nine.

Granville created this strategy by combining his analysis of the randomness of bingo numbers with the laws of probability. If you want to use this strategy, you have to make sure all the numbers on your card are spread out.

how to play bingo online
Try out different strategies to enhance your odds at online bingo.

Tippett’s Strategy

Developed by L.H.C. Tippett, this strategy may not be so popular, but it’s still used by many bingo players. According to his theory, the longer a bingo game is, the more likely the called balls will be closed to the median number. On the other hand, the shorter game will have the numbers of either end of the spectrum.

Before you can use this strategy, you need to know long will the game run. For longer games, chose numbers near 38 and 45, while for shorter games choose numbers anywhere between one and 75 or 90.

If you wish to use any of these strategies, you’re free to do so, but only if you remember that you cannot influence the outcome. There’s no way of telling whether a game can be finished quickly in advance.

Probably the most effective strategy you can use is a common-sense approach when playing the game. Some tips can be very helpful when relying on Lady Luck.

These Casinos Offer Bingo

Give Lady Luck a Helping Hand

Choose the right time to play, as your odds of winning are much lover if the competition is higher. At the majority of online bingo sites, you’ll be able to see how many players are taking part in a game. However, games with fewer players don’t come with big prize pots.

Buying multiple cards, and then spreading out your numbers is also a smart thing to do. The logic behind this approach is flawless: the more numbers you have on your cars, the more likely is they’ll be called.

Manage your budget and make sure you don’t go chasing your losses.

Since bingo is a simple game, with many variations, be sure to read through the game information before you start playing. Understanding the game can boost your odds of winning.

Chat games are a very useful addition to any bingo offering. They act as bingo bonuses or tickets, and by making the most out of them you can further improve your chances of scooping a big prize.

Pay attention to bingo bonuses and be sure to take advantage of them, as there are lots of great offers to be found online.


Although bingo requires luck, there are things you can do to increase your winning chances. Use one of the strategies and tips we mentioned here, and you can spice up your playing experience and even end up winning.

We gave our best to make you feel more confident. In the end, it’s all about calling “Bingo”. Visit today and check out your newfound skills.

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