Pariplay’s Ignite Program Welcomes a New Addition in Caleta Gaming

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  • Written by Henry
  • Posted on August 9, 2022
Home News & Articles Pariplay’s Ignite Program Welcomes a New Addition in Caleta Gaming

PariPlay, a subsidiary of the major players NeoGames S.A, is one of the few content aggregators in the online gambling scene known for consistent quality and dedication to providing a high level of diversity. The company is always on the lookout for up-and-coming content developers with talent and vision, offering them entry into its Ignite Program, where they can take advantage of its high-end resources and grow together! We’re happy to announce that Pariplay has welcomed another addition to this program – Caleta Gaming. Here’s what this collaboration means for the latest Ignite partner.

A Fiery New Addition

Before we explore the exciting world of new opportunities that are opened up for Caleta Gaming, it’s best to learn more about it as a separate entity. Caleta Gaming is a young game design and development studio with plenty to boast about. The company has a creative team of talented employees, modern tech to move things along, innovative approaches to doing business, and above all, proven experience in the field! The studio’s not only worked on various games in its short time on the market, but it’s familiar with the online gambling world and how it operates.

Caleta Gaming’s focus is online and mobile gaming. The studio uses its many resources to create impeccably fun titles that can be easily accessed through multiple platforms. Its cross-platform capabilities are one of its biggest strengths in the current gaming landscape.Image featuring Caleta Gaming logo alongside game mascots

A World of Opportunities

It’s easy to see that Caleta Gaming has already achieved plenty as a solo act, but its inclusion in Paripaly’s Ignite Program is bound to take things to the next level. For a game designer and developer, Pariplay’s turnkey development framework offers a seamlessly streamlined process that starts at development and ends with launching games to market. These resources can make the entire process much easier for the company and allow it to dish out more quality content more frequently!

Of course, one of the biggest things the Pariplay Ignite Program offers is access to a plethora of regulated markets on a global scale. Thanks to this newfound reach, Caleta Gaming can now enter a host of new countries and feature its games in some of the best online casinos available.

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Pariplay’s Ignite Program gives the already successful Caleta Gaming a powerful boost to help it reach new heights. The partnership between these two companies is bound to bear fruitful ventures that prove worthwhile down the line. Above all else, this collaboration is a massive win for online gambling fans everywhere. Pariplay’s large global network can now boast an excellent new set of top-quality games that players everywhere can easily access.

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