Through it, any player with access to a local bank that participates with Boleto Bancario can send money to the casino without providing any of their financial information online.

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These Casinos Accept Boleto Payments

Aside from the international payment processing options, a number of services have alternatively taken up the task of handling payments in their own country of origin. Different jurisdictions have their own approach and legal regulative for this matter, with Brazil being one of the first markets to openly accept and adopt this option for facilitating payments to and from merchants via online channels.

One of the most popular payment processing options in Brazil is undoubtedly Boleto Bancario. This method is available to any resident who has registered and obtained a Brazilian CPF tax number, and first started offering their products back in 2000. The company is most known for their flagship payment product – Boleto Direto, which functions as an online issued bank slip or bank ticket (literally meaning boleto). The service does not require any previous registration, and is available at an ever-growing number of merchants as a payment processor.

Boleto is very popular in Brazil.

What is Boleto

The service practically functions on the basis of a simple pro-forma invoice, only in an online form. Therefore, whenever you are looking to make a payment via Boleto Direto, you will be provided the ready-made invoice to fill in the missing details. What is more, this invoice can be paid both online, by continuing towards your online banking service, or at land-based ATM terminals, cash points, kiosks, banks and other locations with a printed boleto slip.

Both of the options are convenient, but the service didn’t stop there – they issued another payment processing product in 2014, known as Boleto Facil. It is a platform for facilitating online payments straight between the merchant’s bank and your own account, allowing both private and legal entities to enjoy seamless recording, overview and payment processing to and from their accounts in real time.

Nonetheless, Boleto Direto still remains a top payment option for online casino players across Brazil. All you have to do to make use of its features and convenience is to learn the exact steps of the process and start making transactions immediately afterwards.

Boleto facts

Translation Ticket
Country Brazil
Payment Bank strips

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How to Deposit with Boleto?

In order to make online casino deposits with Boleto Bancario, you first need to find a casino that accepts this payment method. Those catering to the Brazil player pool normally include it in their list of options, but it’s still recommendable to check and make sure the casino meets all your player requirements before registering.

Once you are logged in, head to the Banking page and click on the Boleto icon to choose it as your deposit method. This will generate the online invoice payment slip – it will have some of the information prefilled for you depending on the details you provide in your online casino account. The remaining empty boxes will need to be filled out as well, asking for your tax number, as well as the specific amount you would like to deposit in the account. Complete it and confirm the invoice, and you will get the full form with the option to pay immediately via your online banking or at land-based venues across the country. Depending on your choice at this point, you will either be transferred to your online bank account or given the option to print out the slip.

In the first case, once you enter your online banking, simply complete a transaction with the required details and you should see the funds debited in your casino account momentarily. Otherwise, you will be asked to print out the invoice with all the information, as well as a 44-digit bar code that serves as an ID of the transaction. All you have to do then is take the slip to any of the land-based locations and pay the required amount in order to get the funds transferred to the online casino wallet.

How to Withdraw with Boleto?

So far, Boleto hasn’t offered the ability to process withdrawals via its channel, so players that opt for this deposit method will need to seek out an alternative in order to cash out their online casino winnings. Worry not, since most Brazilian casino sites include a range of standard credit and debit card options, online banking, money services, as well as international e-wallet or prepaid voucher payment methods.

Transactions via this deposit method are processed momentarily, as soon as you pay the invoice using one of the two options. Bear in mind that, aside from the above mentioned information, the invoice also contains an expiry date, so you would need to pay it before this date to avoid fees. If you miss the date, you will be subject to delay fees charged by the service, and your respective bank.

As for security, the fact that Boleto Bancario is regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) is bound to give you enough peace of mind. What is more, their 2014 strategic partnership with one of the leading fintech companies in the country – EBANX – further boosts their credibility, making Boleto a top payment processing option for online casino players across Brazil.

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