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What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a product of the well-established UK company MIR Limited UK, a proud member of the Electronic Money Association. It has been developed as a fully mobile application for the top operative systems – just download and install the app on your mobile device and you’re good to go.

Despite the focus on mobile, the e-wallet is equipped with all the functionalities that desktop services boast in general. As long as you find a suitable method of funding your account, you will be able to use it for multiple applications – from online transactions, bank transfers, gift card purchases, all the way to land-based payments with the help of the MasterCard-issued physical prepaid card or the wearable device provided by the service.

MuchBetter is a Very Popular Payment Method Nowadays
MuchBetter is a Very Popular Payment Method Nowadays

How to Deposit with MuchBetter?

In order to be able to make MuchBetter deposits to your online casino account, you will first need to set it up. Make sure to choose the suitable version of the app and get it on your mobile device; signup is even easier considering that the service asks for general information only – name, surname, address, email and phone number. The last of these will be used later on as your username, an ID, along with a strong 4-digit PIN that users are supposed to set up on their own.

Once you have access to the account, just choose one of the multiple funding options in order to store value on it. Available funding options include credit and debit cards – American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or direct bank transfers alternatively. What is more, verifying your account with some form of ID is an added step of the process you will need to complete in order to be able to use the processing functionalities fully.

Once you have completed all this, simply head out to your online casino, log in and access the Banking page. Specify the amount of your deposit, select the MuchBetter option and enter the details of your e-wallet account in the new window that will open up. Access the account and confirm the transaction – you will be immediately redirected back to your online casino, where the the funds are waiting to be used as your bankroll.

MuchBetter Facts

Payment Type E-Wallet
Country Worldwide
Card limit 300 EUR/GBP

How to Withdraw with MuchBetter?

Withdrawing your funds from online casinos has always been the trickier part of the process, but with MuchBetter, it is just as simple as any other transaction. Players that happen to have been lucky enough to strike a win will be able to withdraw their funds via this e-wallet anywhere where it is listed as an option.

First thing to do is head to the Banking page in the Withdrawal section and check if it is listed there. Click on the MuchBetter icon and access the account just the same as previously, as well as specify the amount you would like to cash out of your player account. Confirm the transaction and that’s it.

This transfer is not as instantaneous as depositing, mainly due to the fact that casino sites normally have a check and control policy. Once your withdrawal request is cleared by casino staff, it is approved and immediately sent to the e-wallet.

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Both types of online casino payment methods – deposits and withdrawals – performed through this service function within optimal timeframes. They perform instant deposits, which is practically an industry standard nowadays; withdrawals do take a bit more, although this depends on the casino as well as the e-wallet. According to MuchBetter’s terms, it should be completed within three days of submitting the request, considering the casino can perform all necessary checks and clear that transaction within the timeframe.

While this may appear as a bit of a nuance, it is an indicator of a safe and reliable casino site nonetheless. Speaking of safety, the e-wallet is licensed and authorized by the reputable UK Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution, which further speaks to its integrity.

Ultimately, the encryption certificates and security protocols used by the service for all transactions further speak to its security. Therefore, whatever funding method or online casino account you choose to pair it with, you can be sure that your funds will be protected at all times.

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