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This is a relatively new payment option in Sweden, so not every player has heard of it. Their credibility as a secure payment option is supported by the fact that they were nominated for several industry awards.

The tech world as we know it has largely been altered by the introduction of smartphones and mobile devices running such operative systems. With the multiple functions made available through such portable devices, living and paying for all kinds of goods and services online has become practical. Not only that, but a necessity with today’s busy way of life.

The company PugglePay, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden from its earliest days back in 2012 is one of the first to recognize this segment’s potential. This is hardly a surprise considering that it was founded by an experienced expert in the field of online payments. This man, Kristofer Ekman Sinclair had been working for a different Swedish payment service known as Klarna.

What is PugglePay?

PugglePay is a unique payment processing service that doesn’t quite fit the definition of already known mobile e-wallets or payment gateways alike. It functions on the basis of billed payments paid at a later date, assuming that both the payer and the company are making a promise to provide the funds.

And with online gambling continuously being a booming industry, it has been the perfect starting point for such a revolutionary concept. Online casino players and other gambling enthusiasts from eligible countries have openly adopted this solution, benefiting from its unique nature along the way.

So far, only players from Sweden and Finland are able to gain access to its functionalities, but with online casino partners the likes of Playtech and SoftSwiss in their network, there is firm belief that PugglePay is going nowhere but up.

PugglePay Facts

Payment Mobile
Country Sweden
Launced 2013

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How to Deposit with PugglePay?

Making a deposit at your chosen casino sites that accept this method is easy and rather advantageous, and above all secure. One of the highlights of it is the fact that players don’t even have to register for the service in order to use its functions, but simply select it from the list of available payment methods.

Once you click on it, the PugglePay service asks players to enter their mobile phone number where they send a text message with a confirmation code. Make sure to specify the amount you’d like to deposit (check for any limits imposed by the casino at this point in order to minimize the risk of unsuccessful transfers).

After entering the code, the identity of the player is confirmed and the service performs a quick credit check in the background. If this is cleared, the payment is made and players can enjoy real-money gameplay with the allotted sum, without actually paying any money at the given time. In other words, the system functions on the basis of the player’s promise that they will pay the amount once they are billed, and PugglePay’s promise to the operators that they will transfer the money for the service provided to the players.

Afterwards, players will receive a text, email or a letter by regular mail with the bill for the amount. According to the company’s policy, it is due within the 14 days following the payment execution, which is particularly convenient for online casino players.

How to Withdraw with PugglePay?

Due to the nature of the service, there has been no mention of a withdrawal functionality so far. After all, it is not a typical e-wallet as mentioned earlier, nor does it link to another existing online bank or other payment account. Hence, players choosing to deposit money with PugglePay at their casino sites will need to seek out an alternative method in order to cash out their winnings.

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Payments with PugglePay are performed instantaneously, which is hardly surprising considering that they don’t include any actual real-time transfer. Fees are practically non-existing; the only charge players are subject being that of the deposit amount. However, should the player default on the bill due date, the company’s policy includes an 8% interest, as well as a €6 ‘reminder fee’. If the payment is prolonged even further, collectors may also be involved in order for PugglePay to obtain the funds they have been promised.

As it stands, the service is definitely one of the most secure payment methods available nowadays. And with the credit checks performed in the background before completing each transaction, you can be sure that each payment is verified and approved. While this may be an obstacle for PugglePay’s expansion into other countries, such reliable services are bound to build the reputation it needs to expand into other e-commerce industries outside of interactive gambling.

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