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Play’n GO is one of the leading companies in the iGaming industry, famous for its slots’ genre diversity and versatility. The historic slots produced by this enterprise are universally beloved among players worldwide. However, the studio also has a fantastic selection of table games in its portfolio.

The table games category consists of a typical assortment of titles, with different versions of blackjack, roulette, and poker. The latest addition to this part of the game library is Craps, a world-famous dice game. Those releases deliver a real-life-casino atmosphere, providing a fascinating playing experience.

With fast-paced and tense rounds, players can grab decent payouts, for the games usually offer high RTP values. Depending on the game, most of them allow you to place various bets and give you many winning opportunities. Read the article to find out more about the table games from Play’n GO.


The latest game to enter the Play’n GO game portfolio is Craps, a simple, dynamic game that can bring you decent amounts. You will be ready to roll as soon as you customise your table. Those who enjoy table games will adore Craps, for this is this game’s most authentic online experience.

Before the dice start rolling, you can place bets in various fields of the table and cover them. Click on the chip value and put it into the desired field by clicking on it. Finally, to roll the dice, click the “Roll “button on the right. This highly volatile game enables phenomenal playing sessions, with the RTP going up to 99.55%.

3-Hand Casino Hold’em & Casino Hold’em

This unique type of poker allows you to play three hands at once, giving you three chances to beat the dealer. Moreover, when playing three hands from a single deck, you will better understand the odds of winning any of the hands. The game starts by placing an Ante Bet on one to three hands.

You can also place an additional AA bonus alongside the regular Ante bet. Two hands are dealt face-up; if they combine with your hands to form two or more Aces, the AA bonus is yours. You can then decide whether to Fold or Call on each hand. The dealer will set the two final Community Cards and reveal their hidden cards.

The best available five-card hand is chosen for you, and if it is better than the dealer’s, you will win, and vice versa. If your hand equals the dealer’s, it’s a Push, which means your Ante Bet and Call bet will be returned to you. In Casino Hold ’em, the dealer has to have at least a pair of 4s to qualify.

Play'n Go table games selection
Play’n Go offers a great selection of high quality table games

European Roulette Pro

The wheel has 37 numbered pockets painted red and black, plus a green zero. Click on a chip and put it into an appropriate area before the wheel spins. If the bet covers the number where the ball stopped, you won the bet. If you place a bet on the number centre, you will have your 35:1 proportion.

However, you can split the risk or use the corner of four numbers to cover more of them. Outside bets include 50/50 boxes, such as 1-18/19-36, or Odd/Even. An exciting assortment of tools allows players to examine them, including Special Bets and Statistics. It is a fantastic game that offers non-stop action and will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Super Wheel & Money Wheel

Super wheel will delight enthusiasts who need to predict the number where the arrow will land. Seven wagering positions are available, and the round begins by pressing the “Spin “button. Betting on a single number, you win even money; with three, you receive 3:1, and so on.

You can land an astonishing 47:1 on your bet if you wager on illustrated symbols. You can save time by repeating the same chance every round. Money Wheel uses a similar concept, but you can grab up to 45:1 on lotus and dragon symbols.

Blackjack Games

Four blackjack versions are available, including Double Exposure BlackJack, BlackJack MH, European BlackJack MH and Single Deck BlackJack. You all have the same primary goal: to have a hand closer to 21 than the dealers. The one who busts is the one who loses, and all wins pay 1:1. Develop your strategy, place your bets and start playing.

Casino Stud Poker

It is a Caribbean stud in which you can win on Ante and an optional Jackpot wager. The player and the dealer receive five cards, upon which the player must decide what to do, call or fold. If the game continues, the dealer unveils his hidden cards, and the best five cards win. The dealer needs to have an Ace and King or better to qualify.

Mini Baccarat

The game is played with six decks, starting with the player and the dealer being dealt two initial cards. A single optional card is next. You win if you hold a value closest to nine, while tens and faces count as 0. Aces are 1s, while the rest are worth as much as their face values.

You can bet on the dealer, player or a tie, in case of which the other bets are returned. The winning bets pay 8:1, while the ones placed on the player pay even money. As for the dealer, it is the same, minus a 5% commission. Depending on the wager, an RTP can range between 85.64% and 98.94%. Head over to OnlineGambling24 to learn more about table games.

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