Pragmatic Play Sets a Good Example by Donating to the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

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  • Written by Henry
  • Posted on August 23, 2022
Home News & Articles Pragmatic Play Sets a Good Example by Donating to the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

It’s no secret that the online gambling industry is one of the most profitable industries around. With its popularity skyrocketing in the past two decades, it’s becoming a booming space where countless iGaming companies flourish. These companies provide their high-end services to players worldwide, and while the genuine happiness their products provide is an excellent reward, the profits they gain are the main incentive to keep going!

Unfortunately, it’s not too often that we see these companies go a step beyond and give back to the community. While many host charity events and donate to various foundations from time to time, we’d love to see this outlet take center stage and usher in grander change. Thankfully, some iGaming giants are taking steps in the right direction and leading by example. Of course, we’re talking about Pragmatic Play and its generous donation to the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park.

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the best-known online gambling content providers available. The company only launched in 2015, but it’s already made an impact on the online gaming world! From various themed slots and classic table games to immersive Live Dealer titles and Game Shows, the provider has it all. It’s known for its high-quality, diverse content, and excellent promotions that run across many of its partnering platforms. The company’s been giving back to its loyal fans since its inception, but it’s now taking things a step further to help a good cause.A photo of a lemur next to the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park logo

The Company’s Contribution

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park is located in Gibraltar’s beautiful Botanic Gardens. Its main mission is caring for unwanted exotic pets and animals, working to keep these species as happy as possible while educating the masses through conservation education. The £6,850 donation by Pragmatic Play will help support the North American turtle exhibit. It will go towards refurbishing their ponds and ensuring they have clean running water.

Of course, these turtles are just one of the animal species situated in the park. Some others include the cotton-topped tamarin, various species of parrots, and other exotic birds. The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park works hard to keep these species protected from threats in the wild and even has selective captive breeding programs to hopefully conserve at-risk rare species.

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Some Parting Words

Pragmatic Play’s generous donation is a feat we’re hoping more iGaming companies take note of. Countless local and global communities could use some help, and with such a powerful influence, iGaming companies can contribute to the betterment of many. We know that creating casino content can be tons of fun, but taking a step back sometimes to look out for the interest of others is priceless.

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