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Basketball is one of the most interesting sports to watch. In it, there is almost constant action for the duration of an entire game. Believe it or not, there is also an option to make basketball even more interesting. That is by betting on basketbal.

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Betting on basketball has been around for a long time and these days the betting offer is very refined.

It is very easy to find the betting selection which is on your mind in today’s basketball betting offer. This is because it includes hundreds of betting markets and propositions something which wasn’t always the case.

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Where Can You Bet on Basketball?

That Supreme Court ruling also means that you can now bet on basketball matches in the USA. Wagers on basketball can now be placed at both online and offline betting operators from every corner of the globe. Betting on basketball is bound to get even more exposure, which is always a good thing. Especially, if you want to see the betting offer improve.

Betting through a Betting Operator

The most popular form of betting on basketball events is via online betting providers. With the invention of online gambling and the recent loosening of betting and gambling laws in the United States things changed. The online bookmakers are much more convenient than land based bookmakers and their popularity will most definitely only grow.

This is because online sports betting operators enable basketball betting enthusiasts to place bets from any location. It doesn’t matter if it is from the comfort of their armchair at home or from their office at work.

Another advantage of this form of betting is the fact that you can easily pick your betting selection. Going through the betting offer on your computer or mobile is much easier than going through all those pages in the bookmakers’ weekly paperback betting offer.

Finally, when you are betting through an online basketball betting provider, you can be the benefactor of various bonuses. These promotions make betting on basketball much more rewarding.

What Basketball Markets Can You Bet on?

Online betting operators are also better for the basketball betting enthusiast than land based betting establishments because they usually include many additional betting markets on their website.

This is completely to be expected. It is quite difficult to fit more than a hundred betting markets in a paperback edition.

The most popular market with basketball betting enthusiasts is the money line or match winner market. In this market basketball betting aficionados can back the team which they feel will win the match. They get odds that match their team’s chances. The favourite to win always gets lower odds, while the underdog gets higher ones.

Another popular market that basketball betting enthusiasts often choose is the points spread or handicap market. In this market each team gets additional points or points deduction in order to even out the odds. This means that one of the teams starts the match with an imaginary deficit. The other team gets exactly the same number of points on its tally to even out the scales.

The points spread market has been closely associated with basketball betting ever since the beginnings of the sport. It has actually been much more prominent than the match winner market throughout history. One of the reasons for this is that basketball is a game with lots of points. It is much easier to implement a points spread market than in other sports. In soccer, for example, the number of goals is much lower.

In addition to these two markets, many basketball betting enthusiasts often choose to place bets on point total markets. Here, they predict whether the number of points will be higher or lower than a predetermined limit. This limit is set by the bookmaker.

This might seem easy, but you have to be aware that bookmakers are so good at predicting the total number of points a team or a game will feature that you have to be an absolute basketball or NBA expert to always get the better of the betting operator.

What Should You be Aware of Before Betting?

If you want to be successful when betting on basketball you have to cover all of your bases. This means that you should always do your homework before you place a bet. Check how each team has recently been performing. See how Individual players have fared. Investigate previous head to head match history. And try to collect other types of information which are essential in predicting the outcome of a bet.

Another thing to be aware of is that bookmakers employ the best basketball experts and use the most complicated algorithms to predict the outcome of each individual wager which means that you will have to be at your best if you want to have a winning bet.

Finally, you should also be careful not to bet on a match which is suspicious looking. These are usually lower profile matches. In them, the basketball players are amateurs and might have an incentive to fix the match.

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Basketball is a great game to play and to bet on

You should especially be aware if you are playing the points spread or totals markets. These are the easiest to fix. This is because a favourite can win a match and get all the points even if they produce a victory which is lower than the points spread margin and as far as the game totals go, they can be manipulated when both teams are in on the scam.

Match fixing has been completely rooted out at the highest stage of basketball these days. However, it is difficult to influence every individual players’ performance, especially when it comes to amateur competitions.

Betting on Individual Players

One of the most popular markets to bet on these days is the individual players’ points totals markets. In these markets punters get the chance to predict how many points each player will score. Punters often combine different players’ statistics in their accumulator betting slips.

The people who usually opt for these individual players markets are often seasoned basketball betting professionals. This is because it requires having special type of basketball knowledge to be successful in these deceptively easy-looking markets.

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When Did Betting on Basketball Begin?

Betting on basketball has been around ever since the game was invented by James Naismith in 1891. However, placing bets on one of the most popular sports these days really took off when the National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed in 1946.

Betting on the NBA and the NCAA became particularly popular in the second half of the 20th century. Betting enthusiasts were really drawn in by the excitement that came with the sport in this period.

However, that is also the same period in which some of the biggest betting scandals related to basketball occurred. They include the CCNY point shaving scandal of 1950/1951 and the Dixie Classic scandal of 1961. The infamous point shaving controversy that tarnished Boston’s college basketball in the 1978-1979 season was also a big drawback.

The most recent basketball related scandal was in 2007. Established NBA referee, Tim Donaghy, pleaded guilty to fixing matches on which he had wagered catching everyone off guard.

These controversies were all caused by the fact that betting on basketball wasn’t regulated by a proper regulating body. This is because wagering on the sport was actually illegal in the USA until 2018.

With that 2018 Supreme Court ruling, this all changed. It is now to be expected that betting scandals on basketball matches will be completely rooted out. Furthermore, the sport will be declared free of any negative influence. This means that crime and gambling syndicates will now finally lose the power they once wielded.

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