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American football is one of the most American sports to watch. This also means that it is also one of the most interesting sports to follow. Football enthusiasts often make it even more interesting by betting on Americain football.

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Betting on American Football doubles the fun and excitement which is integrated in the sport. It also gives an opportunity to make some money if they know the sport.

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Make the Game Even More Exciting by Betting on It

Most Common Betting Markets

The most popular bet type when it comes to American football is the match winner one. As with all sports, the most exciting thing and the most challenging bet that a punter can make usually involves which of the two teams contesting will win the match.

And while betting on American football has evolved so much that these days there are hundreds of markets to choose from, still the most popular market to bet on is the match winner one.

As we already mentioned, the match winner market in American football can also be expressed through a points spread. This means that the stronger team gets points deduction and the weaker team gets the same number of extra points. In a simple example, if the NO Saints are playing the CAR Panthers it would be reasonable to expect that the Saints will start with a 6 point deficit and the Panthers will get a 6 point head start.

Another popular American football betting market is the game total market. In this market punters predict whether the total number of points in a game. They predict whether it will be lower or higher than a pre-set limit by the bookmaker. This limit is usually set at around 50 points.

Betting on the totals market is a great way to enjoy American football. This is because you don’t care which team will actually win the match. You are only concerned with the number of points that will be scored in the match by both teams.

In addition to these three markets, American football betting enthusiasts can also bet on other markets. These include the first half point spread market and the first half total two way market. They can also place bets on the first half money line (half time winner) two way market. Betting on individual quarter markets and on various handicap betting propositions is also popular. Finally, wagering on individual player betting markets is one of the trends among millennial punters.

As we already mentioned in the beginning, betting on American football comes very naturally to almost all NFL lovers. This is because American football is perfect for betting. It is a much better choice for betting enthusiasts than some other sports such as soccer or baseball.

And while betting on soccer might be more popular with punters around the world right now, that is probably only because soccer gets much bigger exposure worldwide than the NFL and not because soccer is a better sport to bet on.

In fact, if you had to pick one sport which is perfect for betting enthusiasts who don’t want to be surprised by the final outcome of a match, and that is usually true for all punters, than that sport would have to be American football.

This is because in American football it is very difficult for an inferior team to defeat a stronger opponent. The team that wins is usually the better opponent. This is not always the case in soccer or basketball. In soccer, teams might deploy a negative tactic and then hit the other team with a successful counter attack. In that way they will undeservedly steal the points. If a team wants to stage a surprise in football, it has to get better than their opponent.

Betting on American Football Tips

The only way in which you can be good at betting on American football is by following NFL games. This means that you will have to do your homework. This homework usually includes following individual players’ performances and how they change from one game to another. Looking at stats such as head to head match ups is particularly important. Checking how each team performs at a given venue or arena is also important.

These are just some of the things that an experienced and successful American football punter is good at. However, if you are planning of being able to earn a living from American football betting you should know that this also involves a lot of love towards the sport and a little bit of luck on the side.

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When Did It Begin?

Betting on American football began immediately after the sport was invented. However, because the USA had rather strict gambling and betting laws back then most wagers were done illegally at the local bookie. Most of the time he was taking money in codes so that he didn’t get in trouble with the authorities.

Betting on American football was particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s. This is the time when people were fascinated by betting on American college football. This was used bookmakers who created an uneven playing field and constantly moved the goal posts. They did this by giving punters far lower odds than their betting propositions deserved.

That was only one of the drawbacks which came with the fact that American football betting wasn’t considered legal. However, with the invention of the points spread this all changed. Bookmakers didn’t have to give punters inferior odds so that they could take money. They used the money from the losing bets to pay off the winning wagers and then kept a small percentage (of usually 10%) known as the bookmaker’s margin to charge for their services.

With the invention of sports betting online however, the whole scenery changed. Suddenly betting on American football became much more reliable and the number of matches on offer increased. As a result, the markets got significantly better and their number also drastically increased.

These days American football betting enthusiasts can bet on various NFL betting markets. They can make wagers that only 20 or 30 years ago were absolutely unthinkable.

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