Understanding How the Random Number Generator Works

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  • Posted on February 18, 2020
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You’ve read online casino games reviews and you’ve seen that they run on a Random Number Generator. But do you really know what the RNG is and how it works?

Every online casino game that is fair and random contains a microprogram, a device that uses an algorithm which only generates random numbers and combinations. This device is called a Random Number Generator or RNG. The RNG generates random results in games continuously, even when the machines are not active. It typically generates numbers between 1 and billions of hundreds of times per second.

The Random Number Generator Explained

Online slots are some of the most popular online casino games on the market in recent decades. As such, they have been examined, analysed and tested whether they are fair and random by hundreds of people. Players read many online casino reviews before choosing a casino to play at, and before playing a slot game at a certain casino, they always ask themselves the same questions: is this game really fair, does it really give random outcomes, can I trust the casino for the fairness of the games offered?

As a matter of fact, every online slot contains an RNG. The numbers that the Random Number Generator generates are the ones that determine the position of the reels after each spin. As you press Spin and wait for the reels to land at a certain position, the slot machine displays the position of the latest numbers generated by the RNG.

RNG guarantees the fairness and randomness of slot games.
RNG guarantees the fairness and randomness of slot games.
Say, you’re playing at a land-based casino. You’ve played a certain slot machine, and you’ve won nothing. Then, another player seats and plays that same slot machine and wins a fortune. You must be wondering whether you would’ve won if you continued playing. The truth is, you probably would’ve not. The RNG continued generating new numbers even when no one was playing. So, the player that set after you had a bit of better luck, since the winning numbers were generated at the particular moment they started playing.

All of this means that you can never predict when a huge payout can be hit since the RNG spits out numbers so rapidly that no one can really get a hang of it. And that’s the beauty of slots: you know that they are fair and random, and you know that it all depends on your luck, and the moment you play them.

How to Be Certain the RNG Is Not Rigged?

You may or may not know this, but each developer, online casino and each individual game is being tested and audited for fairness constantly.

Go to a top online casino, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will see a logo or a certificate of a certain auditing company that has tested and approved the games for fairness and randomness at that casino.

GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), eCOGRA, iTech Labs, TST and NMi are some of the most trusted auditors in the online gambling industry. All the best operators and developers intentionally have their software tested for fairness and randomness by these auditors, since they are all industry-approved agencies, trusted by players.

When you see that a developer whose game you want to play and the online casino you want to play that game at are tested for fairness by at least one of these five trustworthy auditors, you can rest assured that the RNG is tested and approved for randomness.

This is where you can find RNG tested and approved slots to play:

The Key Takeaway

The Random Number Generator is the device that guarantees a game you’re playing is safe, fair and random. Always play at online casinos which has its games tested for fairness, and the RNG tested for randomness. Look for the auditors’ logos at the bottom of the homepage at the casino you’re playing. And remember: you can never predict the outcome of the spin since the RNG randomly generates it. Slots depend on luck purely.

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