What Are Provably Fair Online Casinos & Games?

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If you’re just getting familiar with the exciting world of crypto casinos, you definitely have to learn about provably fairness and provably fair games. The term itself is a vital part of modern crypto casinos, but it’s becoming more and more popular with casinos that don’t accept crypto. That’s why it’s crucial to find out more about it.

What’s Provably Fair?

Before we move any further, we have to emphasize this technology is relatively new in online gambling. In practice, it means not all players are acquainted with it, especially those that don’t visit crypto casinos.

Provably fair is an algorithm whose purpose is to verify that an online gambling site is fair. The ultimate goal of this technology is to ensure that online casinos don’t scam their customers.

The technology uses three variables:

  • Sever seed, provided by the online casino.
  • Client seed, given by the web browser and used by online casino customers. Players can adjust the client seed.
  • Cryptographic nonce. This is a number whose size depends on the bets made by players.

The entire process is somewhat complicated, particularly for those who don’t know anything about crypto. We’ll try to simplify it so that everyone can understand.

An online casino generates a seed number. Then, it’s hashed and sent to the players before he makes any bets. The process involves hashing, used to shorten data strings. On the other hand, the browser randomly creates the client seed, which then interacts with the server to provide the bet’s outcome.

The value of the cryptographic nonce varies from one casino to another, although it can start at either 0 or 1. It increases after a bet is placed. The algorithm uses the two seeds and the nonce during the game to select a random action.

Players receive the unencrypted variant of the client seed, enabling them to check a game they play is fair. Bettors have an on-site verifier they can use to confirm their results. It doesn’t take too much time: all you need to do is enter the unhashed seeds to see if they’ll deliver the same results.

Types of Provably Fair Game

Online casino operators that use provably fair technology will clearly state it on their sites and provide detailed technical information on the solutions they offer. Of course, there will be a simple one for players who don’t have the technical knowledge.

Most mainstream gaming content benefits from this technology. For example, it’s easy to implement provably fair technology in games like roulette or dice, as they have a single outcome. With poker, things get a bit more complicated, as the game generates different outcomes. The same goes for blackjack.

However, any casino game can use provably fair technology, regardless of its complexity. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the number of operators working hard to add more provably fair games to their library is growing by the day.

The Advantages of Provably Fair Casinos and Games

Crypto online casinos that use provability fair come with numerous advantages:


This is probably the most notable benefit of gambling at crypto casinos. Thanks to provably fairness, players can gain insight into their previous results, ensuring constant fairness.

No Third-Party Authentication

Testing labs or other third parties regularly audit online casinos. There’s no need for any sort of authentication when using provably fair technology. Players themselves act as auditors for crypto casinos, which provides the highest level of transparency.

Crypto security
Blockchain technology is used in both cryptocurrencies and provably fair casino games to ensure transparency and accountability


Blockchain is the technology implemented in cryptocurrencies and also used by provability fair casinos and games. It further adds to the transparency, making casinos accountable for their operations.

Higher RTP

The payout percentage is a vital part of every game, as it determines the chances of winning. Provably fair games offer fantastic RTPs, going up to a staggering 99%!

Are Provably Fair Casinos and Games Legit?

Many players will ask this question. However, there’s no simple answer. Many provable fair online casinos and games are 100% legit and authentic, offering their customers a safe way to gamble using crypto.

Unfortunately, some sites offer fraudulent games and exploit the complexity of the system behind provably fair titles. Typically, they change some minor detail that regular players won’t notice.

Provably fair casinos and games provide players with a high level of security and safety but can be hacked, as the algorithm is publicly available. In some cases, even operators themselves hack games, at least in theory. Still, blockchain technology makes this job very difficult.

Provably Fair online casinos and games will have a crucial role in the future. Players will become more aware of the advantages of blockchain technology, and we can expect they’ll switch to provably fair games in more significant numbers. Add fairness and transparency of these games, lower fees, better privacy, and higher RTPs, and it’s easy to see why they’ll undoubtedly be the future of online gambling.

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