What Are Rolling Reels Slots and How They Work?

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  • Posted on April 14, 2021
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You’ll encounter many innovative game features in today’s slot games, and one very popular among players goes by the name of Tumbling Reels, Exploding Reels, Cascading Reels, and most notably, Rolling Reels.

However, no matter what they’re called, the way they function stays the same, or at least very similar, across all slot games that boast this feature.

Slots that come with Rolling Reels have one noticeable feature: after a winning combination is formed, both in the Main Game and free spins, symbols forming a win disappear from the grid and get replaced by symbols dropping from above.

Today, we’re going to gain a better understanding of how this feature works.

Let’s Get Down to Business

When playing a Rolling Reels slot, every time you score a win, the winning symbols will be removed from the reels. They may explode, or flash, or simply disappear from the grid. After this occurs, a number of empty places will remain on the screen. New symbols will fill them by dropping down from above.

Adding new symbols can result in new wins within the same spin. That’s the most important aspect of the Rolling Reels feature. Players can claim multiple wins from just one spin, leading to handsome payouts.

In some Rolling Reels game, you’ll encounter an additional bonus feature called the Multiplier Trail. The Multiplier Trail is activated by wins made through Rolling Reels, increasing the size of the multiplier by up to several times, significantly boosting payouts.

Available in Both Main Game and Free Spins

It’s pretty simple: the more Rolling Reels wins you make in a single spin, the bigger your prize will be. And if the Multiplier Trail is in play, you can look forward to staggering wins.

There are instances when the Rolling Reels feature is active only during the Free Spins bonus round or has a separate bonus feature instead. Usually, Rolling Reels are available in both the Main Game and the bonus round, used together with Wilds and free spins. This allows players to claim even bigger payouts.

Birds Slot gameplay
Birds! is one of the most famous and popular slots that feature rolling reels.

In some games, where Rolling Reels are available during the Free Spins round, there will be a Multiplier Trail on offer. With each new Rolling Reel, slot fans will increase the multiplier value, resulting in much heftier rewards than during the Main Game.

Why Choose Rolling Reels Slots?

Rolling Reels are an excellent addition to a slot for a number of reasons. First of all, this feature allows players to increase their wins without any additional costs. Whenever a winning combination is formed, Rolling Reels essentially award a free respin, which can lead to new prizes.

Rolling Reels go along well with a Multiplier Trail, especially when landing wins in succession. That way, players can quickly reach huge prizes.

When talking about what makes Rolling Reels so entertaining and enjoyable, the main factor is the fact the feature is easily accessible. Unlike Free Spins, where you need to land three or more Scatters, or Wild, which don’t always appear on the reels, the Rolling Reels is activated after every winning spin. That makes them feel like they’re regularly awarded for their efforts.

If you’re looking to check out Rolling Reels in action, there are plenty of Rolling Reels slots that will show just why this feature has become so popular. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Quickspin are just some of the names that have Rolling Reels slot in their portfolio. Watch as the symbols start to cascade, and the Multiplier Trail begins to increase, boosting the size of your next payout. There’s no doubt you’ll have a great time. Visit OnlineGambling24.com and give it a go.

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