Which Casino Games to Play This Summer?

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  • Posted on July 20, 2022
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Summer is the perfect time to kick back at home. With scorching summer heat outside, you will want something to keep you entertained until the sun sets. Fortunately for us, casino software providers have been hard at work making many exciting games to keep us entertained.

We compiled this list primarily with newer players in mind. If you are brand new to online casinos and want to get started, this guide is for you! We go over the best releases for players to check out.

Are Online Casinos Worth Playing?

We often see this question asked by newer players. We can certainly understand the concern. Growing up, we were all familiar with warnings of online scams. The occasional horror story of people losing vast amounts of money playing online is also off-putting. Thankfully, we can avoid almost all of these problems very easily. All we have to do is pick the best possible online casino that does not suffer from these issues.

To help players find the best possible online casino, we review these websites and rate them on several metrics. We check their bonuses, wagering requirements, available games, how they perform on mobile, and much more. The goal is to pick out and highlight the best possible option for would-be players, no matter where they live.

We take it one step further here at OnlineGambling24 with our fantastic comparator tool. This tool gives you an easy way to compare up to three casinos simultaneously. We recommend using it to narrow down where you want to play and then reading about that casino in-depth in our review.

Reassurances out of the way, let’s get into what you are really here for. What top-notch games await you in our recommended online casinos?


Roulette games are the bread and butter of all online casinos. They are also the quintessential beginner-friendly game due to their straightforwardness. New players can wager on outside bets such as Red/Black, High/Low, or Odd/Even. These stakes give you near 50-50 odds of winning, making them the best wagers for new players. As you play them, you can get familiar with the roulette wheel, other stakes, and how it plays.

We recommend newbies play European Roulette to get started. It beats out American Roulette thanks to its single zero, which leads to a better RTP. After getting familiar with roulette, you can experiment with fun game variations. French Roulette has extra rules that improve the expected return even more. Alternatively, we can try something like XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and its exciting multipliers!

Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette
If you are a roulette lover, check out XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, this summer premium title from Evolution.


Another beginner-friendly casino game is video slots. Slot games stand out because they can be as straightforward or complex as you want them to be. Developers are constantly devising new ways to appeal to players. That means various extra features, different ways to win, and reel sets. A massive seven-reel board with cluster pay or a basic three-reel playing field with just one payline both have the label of a slot game. It comes down to you to find your preference in slots. We recommend experimenting with different games to find the one you really like.


Online poker comes in two forms. We have dedicated poker websites where all you do is play poker against other players. Alternatively, you can opt for a general-purpose online casino, where you play against a computer or the host. For new players, we recommend the latter option. It helps you get familiar with poker rules and card combinations. Once you are comfortable with how to play poker, you can move up to playing against players.


Playing blackjack is a fun time. It is a game with one of the highest RTPs, which makes it appealing to many players. However, getting the maximum return from blackjack requires knowing the basic blackjack strategy. The strategy takes some time to master, and we imagine many players will not want to bother. However, if you are willing to put in the time to master blackjack? You will find one of the most rewarding casino games available to casino members. That is why this release is an OnlineGambling24.com favourite.


Craps stands out among the other games on this list because it is the only dice game. Similar to blackjack, it can seem very intimidating at first glance. It has many wagers that can make it seem overwhelming. However, the core gameplay loop is simple in design. You roll two dice and try to get the exact number again to win. Other wagers only add on top of that by letting you wager on specific dice combinations.

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