Amatic Industries is one of the biggest players when it comes to supplying casino operators with premium gaming products.

The company specializes in developing various types of games and casino-oriented software, as well as the production of casino cabinets, server-based video lottery terminals and automated multiplayer systems.

In addition to this, Amatic is also known for creating fully integrated casino management systems and designing complete and immediately ready-to-use online gambling solutions.

Amatic Industries Review

Amatic Industries was founded in 1993. Since then the company has managed to raise its profile substantially and has been at the forefront of top notch casino and gaming solutions for more than 25 years. Currently the company employs close to 200 people and that number is constantly increasing.

Amatic is located in Austria, but reserves most of its products for other markets. This is because the software developer is an export oriented firm and 90% of its products are specifically made with export in mind. This means that there is a huge demand for Amatic products which further reinforces the notion of their supreme quality.

There are several reasons why Amatic Industries produces such high-quality products off of its assembly line. Chief amongst these is their extensive experience in the industry. This, combined with their ever increasing global network of suppliers, partners and distributors is actually the perfect formula which has contributed to Amatic having excellent market penetration.

Customer support

Another thing which sets Amatic Industries apart is their constant and reliable customer support. The link between production, design, operators and end users is seamless when Amatic Industries’ products are used. This level of consistency when it comes to customer support always puts Amatic at a better position compared to other companies in their branch.

A key segment of meeting customer needs is ensuring that both the operator and the final user get a product which is up to all legal standards. That’s why Amatic Industries takes great care in obtaining licenses for its products from all relevant regulatory bodies. This means that if a client is based in the UK, he/she will access an online gaming solution which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The same applies to customers from around Europe and all across the globe.

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Amatic Gaming Slots and Casino Games

Amatic always adapts its products so that they fit the specific requirements of both customers and clients. This means that the software developer will have a different set of rules to apply when creating a product for Asia and a product intended for predominantly European users.

The flexibility and monitoring of regional demands is something which requires a lot of energy and is very time consuming. However, that is exactly the thing which puts Amatic Industries higher than their competitors and gives them a unique edge.

This operational strategy has resulted in Amatic Industries creating some of the most desirable gaming and casino solutions on the market right now. Their products include super popular roulette variants, online gaming solutions, casino management systems, VL terminals, and cabinets.

However, if we were pressed to choose the most popular Amatic Industries online casino product, we would have to go with their Multi Game section. This segment of their production actually creates what we know as slots and has some of the most popular titles with both players and casino operators.

These titles include products such as Book of Pharao, Chilli Willie, Dia Muertas, Fortune Queen, Grand Casanova, Lucky Betty, Mr. Rich, Noble Cats, and many other customer favourites. There are over 150 Multi Game slots on offer for casino operators conducting their business with Amatic Industries and that is definitely an excellent feat from the company.

What Does the Future Hold for Amatic Industries?

It is obvious that the future for Amatic Industries can only be bright. They are very consistent when it comes to combining high quality manufacturing with state-of-the-art technology and this always results in success.
On top of this, the company is known as a trend setter and currently sets the standards in the industry with its products. This means that both clients and casino operators get innovative and relevant products for the specific time and region.

Lastly, all potential Amatic Industries’ clients get full operational security 100% of the time. This results in operators and clients possessing a fully licensed product which stands for responsible gaming, is authorized by regulatory bodies, and is approved by experts and scientists.

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