The Swedish Gambling Authority

The SGA is the official regulatory body for the entire gambling industry in Sweden. It has beengoverning and regulating the industry on the basis of two pivotal laws – the Lotteries Act (1994) and the Casinos Act (1999).

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The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)

Since the latest amendments have been put into practice, the Authority which was so far known as ‘Lotteriinspektionen’ has changed their name to ‘Spelinspektionen’. Such change in nomenclature was set to better reflect the nature and responsibilities of the regulatory body.

To include the additional responsibilities it has taken on. Currently, as it stands, it is in charge of regulating the casino segments (including slots and table games such as blackjack and roulette), poker, bingo, lotteries, as well as betting (including sports betting, horserace betting and fantasy sports).

The SGA takes care of the Swedisch licenses
The SGA takes care of the Swedisch licenses

Types of Operator Licenses

Since there are multiple segments included in the now-regulated gambling industry in Sweden, the authoritative body has had to define suitable licenses for all operator types. Consequently, there are 6 different licenses offered to commercial operators, social gambling platforms, as well as state monopolies which have been known to remain under the state jurisdiction as for yet:

The state monopoly, as the name suggests, is a single organization with a stronghold over the respective industry segments – land-based casinos (casino games), land-based slots and certain types of lotteries; Svenska Spel is behind this monopoly specifically.

Certain lotteries and land-based bingo operators whose profits are collected towards certain causes and charities obtain this type of license to regulate their operatons.

Only a limited range of slots and similar games are excluded from the abovementioned monopoly and open for land-based commercial gambling.

This is a completely separate circumstance, and thus ships and cruisers apply for the separate gambling license applicable in international waters.

The recently legalized and regulated online gambling sphere is open for commercial applicants and operators. Since the initial application opening, over 60 operators for online gambling services have been granted said license and made to comply with its specific provisions.

Both land-based and online, interactive betting services are regulated under the same license issued by SGA; operators looking to offer sportsbetting, horserace betting or electronically simulated sporting events will be able to do so both offline and online as soon as they obtain this license.

Applying for SGA License

Applying for the suitable license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority is a straightforward process, with all the documents and requirements explicitly available both online and at their offices. On top of that, operators will need to pay the application fee for their respective license (up to 400,000SEK for online commercial gambling).

As well as additional registration and overview and maintenance fees on a yearly basis. Another thing to bear in mind is the five-year expiration period of the said licenses, after which the operator is not eligible to offer services legally before they have been authorized a full renewal.

About Sweden

Sweden is one of the Nordic Scandinavian countries located between Norway and Finland in the west and east, respectively, and connected to Denmark in the south-west. What is formally known to be a constitutional monarchy primarily functions under a government management of a parliamentary democracy. The people of Sweden are able to enjoy a good living standard thanks to the largely developed economy; they rank at 16th place according to their GDP per capita, on a global scale.

With so many massive and profitable industries already operating on their grounds (energy, transport, science), it is no wonder that any new endeavor is bound to produce just as successful results. Sweden have long had an established and licensed land-based gambling industry, but it was only in the summer of 2018 that new legislation was adopted, with enforcement starting January 1, 2019. Under such circumstances, the ‘updated’ Swedish Gambling Authority officially allowed regulated gambling services across online and offline platforms.

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