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Slot fans are surely familiar with the term free spins, but new casino players may be confused by it. It’s pretty self-explanatory really – they're spins you get for free that you can use on your favorite slots. Aside from deposit bonuses, free spins are the most common bonus found in online casinos, with almost every casino including them in its promos.

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These Casinos Give You Great Free Spins Bonuses

The Basics of Free Spins

You know how slots work – you spin the reels for a portion of your credits and hope the symbols align. With free spins, you can spin the reels free of charge and possibly win big. Many slots produced by the biggest names in the casino industry give free spins on their games, but we’re here talking about the free spins online casinos credit to a player’s account. They’re a bonus you get for registering or playing regularly and usually come in a welcome offer package or as a standalone bonus.

Now, some of you might ask why would a casino give you something for free? Well, that’s the nature of the business. Online casinos need to keep their players happy, and what better way to satisfy them other than gifts? Free spins are a great way to reward players for their loyalty, and unlike other types of casino bonuses, you can win big money with them.

Types of Free Spins Bonuses

As we already mentioned, free spins may come as a welcome offer package – for example, the casino may give you a 100% matching first deposit with a side of 20, 50 or even a hundred free spins. Some casinos reward players with free spins after making a deposit. For example, you may need to deposit $20 or more in order to get 100 free spins. The spins can then be used on all the slots in the casino or a selected few from a certain studio.

Of course, free spins aren’t really free – nothing in a casino is. Free spins are subject to wagering requirements which players must complete in order to collect the winnings.

An Example of a Free Spins Bonus
An Example of a Free Spins Bonus

What are Wagering Requirements?

Basically, wagering requirements are the casino’s way of protecting themselves from losing too much money from free spins. Imagine winning thousands with those 20 free spins you received as a bonus – it’s going to cost the casino, right? So, casinos place wagering requirements on the winnings you get from the free spins in order to keep their losses to a minimum.

If you’ve won, let’s say $50 with free spins and they come with wagering requirements of 10x, you need to play the winnings 10 times before you’re able to withdraw them. Of course, you can lose all your winnings during the playthrough, but you can also win nice sums of money.

The wagering requirements vary from casino to casino. In general, the lower the requirements, the better. New online casinos that aren’t financially stable yet may come up with unreasonably high wagering requirements (50x, 60x), which makes it nearly impossible to win something. So, whenever you want to claim a free spins bonus, pay attention to the bonus’ requirements.

Some casinos will offer free spins for basically nothing and allow you to collect your winnings instantly. Of course, this is basically giving out cash for free, so you won’t find many online casinos that do this. If you come across one, however, we suggest giving them a try.

How can you win big with Free Spins?

Slots are the most popular games in a casino for a reason – they offer substantial prizes and many possibilities to win big, especially if we’re talking about jackpot slots. Now, claiming free spins is pretty easy, but winning with them might get a bit complicated, especially when the wagering requirements are high. However, with all the slots in online casinos, you can focus on high paying slots in order to increase your chances of winning big with your free spins.

Every slot comes with a certain RTP (Return to Player percentage) which indicates their pay rate. A higher RTP is better for the player since it means that the slot pays out more frequently. These are the slots you need to target with your free spins. Even if the playthrough is 50x or 60x, they offer much better chances of winning something with your bonus.

In conclusion, free spins are a great casino bonus you should definitely consider unless it comes with extremely high wagering requirements. If the requirements are reasonable, give it a try – you may end up winning big if you’re really lucky.

How to Use Free Spins in Your Online Slots Strategy?

Online slots are widely known to be the most popular casino game type on the floor, continuing the tradition already affirmed by their land-based counterparts. These games come in many different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of features, game elements, triggers, symbol combinations and rewards.
Still, one thing most of them have in common across this wide range of operator platforms is the fact that most of them serve as a powerful player acquisition and retention tool. This is especially evident throughout the free spins offered by the casino brand as bonus offer. While these are primarily invented by casino operators in order to attract and benefit players, they ultimately operate in their own use.

For this purpose, it is good to be aware of a few key guidelines that could help turn things in a different direction. You can choose one of the slot strategies listed below or simply employ it in your own style of gameplay – either way, account the free spins bonus into your style will definitely have positive results on the whole.

  • Know Your Slots
  • Once you have made a decision to put these offers to some good use, it is important to be aware of the specifics of the slot you have chosen. Not all slots allow players to make use of these bonuses in the same manner.

    Some have bet size restrictions for bonus funds, others trigger their own free spins rounds which need to be accounted for in the overall free spins count, and even more, they all make for different payouts.
    Therefore, the best thing for eager players to do is to get to know the mechanics of all their chosen slots titles and only then apply the free spins bonuses onto them.

  • Check For Qualifying Games
  • Other than making sure you know how to best make use of the said free spins bonus, it also helps to check if it is available. Most of the time, these free spins offers will not come completely unrestricted, but rather with a select choice of games from the game library where the benefits are applicable.

    This is often done as a way to promote existing, yet less popular game titles, or alternatively, to introduce some new releases from specific software studios to the wide player audience. Either way, the precise selection of slots games can be decisive to how profitable the free spins bonus turns out to be for each player separately.

  • Pay Attention to Bet Amount Limits
  • The other trick to keep in your sleeve is the bet amount – limits are imposed on this aspect of the casino gameplay both by the developers to the slot game specifically, and by the casino itself – in the bonus terms and conditions.
    The slots with higher minimum bets may actually turn out to be more profitable when it isn’t your own money you are staking. Low limits on minimum bets will mean that players will need to hit the win much more often in order to actually make up a substantial win.

    On the other hand, even if the bonus terms and conditions restrict players from making any bigger bets (that would result in bigger wins), the fact that the game itself has a higher minimum bet amount limit is definitely to the players’ advantage.

  • Switch Between Slot Strategies
  • Considering the fact that all these tips go in the direction of helping players make the most of their slot strategy, it may be good to look for the source of the solution straight to the point. These strategies for casino gameplay can vary depending on which aspect they attempt to influence in the overall game title.

    With blackjack, the card-counting strategy is an actual way to have some preview of the future outcomes, but when it comes to RNG-powered games such as slots, this option is completely eliminated.

Instead, slots strategies normally include betting schemes – changing between different bet amounts in order to find the most profitable pattern. Going for slots with random jackpots instead of progressive ones is also one way to mix things up to the player’s advantage. Along with offers such as these, there are indications for a positive outcome.


Free spins are definitely among the most popular types of bonuses you will encounter at the casino promotion page. They offer a lot of action and chances to hit a win without a charge on any of the bets. Nevertheless, they evidently have other features that need to be taken into regard.

Still, with proper gameplay and reasonable risks, you will ultimately end up with high payouts and an overall rewarding online slots experience.

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