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Golden Hero is all about games made for online gambling on mobile devices. The company's game portfolio includes multiple innovative product lines of RNG slots.

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Golden Hero games might just be the perfect response to a booming and overflowing online gambling industry. With all the game developers and service providers going with the same popular themes and features that have been tested till proven, little remains to tickle the taste buds of adventurous slots enthusiasts looking for some adventure and thrill outside the known.

The focus on mobile gameplay has done wonders for the company’s slot titles, supporting the point that such small businesses can triumph over giant establishments. After all, the personal touch to these niche-focused games is much more easily achieved by up to 10 people, as is the current staff count at Golden Hero’s offices than by a dozen different departments.

Golden Hero Game Selection

Major online game providers definitely have their perks when it comes to reliability of products, quality, accessibility and much more. However, the personalized approach achieved by the likes of Golden Hero is no less praiseworthy, and the success of their small yet satisfactory game portfolio is only the result of how well it fits with player preferences.

It is important to note that their games are predominantly built for a mobile platform. Developers at Golden Hero use the HTML5 format, making the titles available at all modern browsers as well, but the general design of the slots still indicates their predominantly mobile focus. This is particularly advantageous, since mobile gambling has been growing exponentially since the rise of smartphones and tablets, and provides arable grounds for the development of unique providers such as Golden Hero.

On the matter of themes, the developers show another dominant focus – Asian culture. While the slots revolve around various storylines and include different gameplay in order to be more easily distinguishable, an Asian tone is intertwined among many of their designs. An underlying reason for this may be noted in their partnering companies – Japan Technical Games and Oryx Games – which further strengthen the focus on this market. Yet this is far from a disadvantage, particularly since such major partnering platforms are key to the company’s market success.

Some of the most known and popular slot releases from this online casino software provider include Jewel Race, Mystery Box, Hawaiian Dreams, Battle Dwarf and Wild Dragon. Where the Asian theme is less present, their office surroundings and the general cash industry related topic come to the fore. Still, all in all, there is enough variety to keep players entertained on their portable devices.

Due to the small scale of the company, it is only expected that they would not boast too great a portfolio. Players should know not to expect any other casino games from them; however, the parent company of the JPJ Group they belong to – JackpotJoy Plc – may be recognized for bingo, so nothing is set in stone with one-of-a-kind providers as this one.

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History and License

The company is far from the scale where they are able to consider obtaining licenses on their own. Precisely due to such reasons, they turned to online platforms distributing their games to licensed and regulated markets for them.

Still, they maintain compliance with legal regulative, and do not offer their services in markets which see online gambling as an issue, USA included.

Going back to the roots of this grassroot iGaming establishment, Golden Hero only debuted in 2017. Its offices are located in Nassau, New Providence, giving the handful of employees a scenic workplace to draw inspiration from, as evident from the excellent vibrant graphics of their slots.

What Does the Future Hold for Golden Hero?

There is no saying where Golden Hero might end up in a year from now, considering that their nature allows them much greater flexibility than other companies may enjoy. Anyway, with an affirmed company standing behind it, wherever that destination is, it is most probably going to be visited by all the more players and online gambling enthusiasts.

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