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  • Posted on July 31, 2020
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If you ever had a chance to play Blackjack, you have surely noticed that the main rules of this exciting game were written on the table. In addition to these, the writing also describes regular payouts as well as those awarded by the insurance bet.

It does seem a bit odd that casino would offer a bet whose aim was not only to protect players but also increases their chances of scoring a win, as usually, casinos tend to promote activities that benefit them. And the reason is simple: the insurance bet may not be as beneficial for players as it appears.

What is the Insurance Bet

The very name of this bet can give players the wrong idea. It does lead them to think bet they are making is related to the Blackjack hand they’re playing. The reality is different, as insurance is one of the available side bets, offered only when the dealer’s upcard is an ace.

If such a scenario occurs, the dealer will ask punters if they want to place the insurance bet. Doing so will offer protection against the dealer getting a natural blackjack. Players can opt to buy insurance, but they are not obliged to place the bet if they don’t want to.

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However, if a player decides to place the insurance bet, it will cost him up to half of the original stake to make such a move. The value of the insurance bet can vary, but it can’t exceed half of the initial wager.

In case the dealer hits a natural blackjack, you’ll receive the amount equal to the original wager, as the insurance pays 2:1. Essentially, you’ll get double your insurance bet, as your stake will be lost due to the fact the dealer won a natural blackjack.

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Placing the Insurance Bet

As we’ve already mentioned, insurance pays at 2:1. These odds sound very appealing, and many players will be tempted to place the wager. That raises another important question: when is the right time to make the insurance bet?

There are a couple of things you should bear in mind. Buying the insurance is probably not worth doing if the deck has four ten-value cards for nine others, as this puts you in an unfavourable position when compared to the casino.

However, the casino will lose its advantage once there are four ten-value cards for eight others. In that case, making the insurance bet would be a reasonable move.

If that ratio drops even lower, the player will gain the advantage, and making the bet won’t be worthwhile.

Unless you are counting cards, you should probably avoid buying insurance.

But there is a situation when making the bet is an advisable even for a non-card counter. When more than five Blackjack hands are dealt in a single round, and if a ten-value card is not among upcards, you should proceed and place the insurance bet, as the chance for a ten-value card is significantly higher.

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The main problem is the fact that insurance is never the most favourable option for players. It can be a reassuring option when a huge wager is placed and could make a significant impact on your play. There are situations when making the insurance bet can be your best option, but won’t happen very often. Many experienced players will advise you to avoid insurance and stick to your playing strategy. If you’re looking for payouts, don’t worry, they will come. Just visit and find a Blackjack version that suits your playing style the most.

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