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  • Posted on March 27, 2023
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Playtech is among the most prominent studios in the iGaming industry and is no stranger to innovative and engaging live games. Jet Set Racing Roulette, a game of European Roulette with multipliers, is the provider’s latest work, bound to reach large audiences. 

It uses two wheels and Virtual Sports to generate multipliers which arrive with Inside Bets made on each wheel. It might look confusing at first, and it is not the fastest game of roulette ever, with a minimum round time of 2:30 min. However, two wheels bring two winning chances, and multipliers can be stacked for a maximum payout of 2,499x the stake.

Connecting the game to the Virtual Sports events gives it a new angle, making it more exciting. A combination of a game show and live betting event gives the whole thing a unique flavour. Read the article to find out everything there is to know about the new Playtech release.

Game Overview

Jet Set Racing Roulette is a European Roulette game with multipliers you build along the way. Players place their wagers on a single betting grid, which are then split across two wheels, labelled Teal and Orange Wheel. A race runs for each wheel, with the first two places generating a multiplier win for the Inside Bets. The more accurate the prediction, the bigger the multiplier.

The payout for a regular bet is 23:1, while Split gives 11:1, Line 3:1, Street 7:1 and Corner/Basket 5:1. The maximum payout for a Straight-Up Bet is 2,499x the bet, which is excellent for this type of game. The host spins both wheels, and players benefit from both outcomes if the bet is a winning one.

The game round is sluggish, with a duration of about 2:30 min, but it brings many benefits. In addition, the four types of virtual races include Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Trotting and Speedway. The races are not live-action but RNG-powered, and the RTP is 97.30%.

Creating Multipliers

A Virtual Race generates multipliers for each wheel, and you can select one of four types in each round. They include a Trotting Race (with eight horses), Motor Bikes (with four of them), Greyhounds (with six dogs) and Horse Racing (6 horses). The same race plays out for both of the wheels.

Select who will win the first and the second place in each race based on star ratings for form and multipliers. Favourites to win carry lower multipliers; you get them for the positions you guessed correctly. Furthermore, if your runner-up comes first, it also counts as a correct guess. If both positions are correct, the multipliers combine. In that case, the Jet Set multiplier becomes available.

Are you in for a combination of a game show and live betting, European roulette, and racing? Enjoy!

How to Play

Each round has a few phases, from placing the bets on the central grid. Now you have to create the multipliers by selecting the winners and runners-up for both races and waiting for them to play out. With both multipliers created, the presenter spins the wheels. The multipliers apply to all Inside Bets, and your payout could be a proportion of the multiplier if the Bet is not Straight-Up.

Payouts & Bets

Payouts and odds vary from what players usually encounter in a game of European Roulette because of the multipliers. They need funding, so a part of each Inside Bet payout is taken to do it. The game delivers an RTP of 97.3%, which ensures decent wins.

Inside Bets benefit from multipliers while the Outside Bets remain untouched. The multipliers make a difference, with the maximum win of 2,499x giving you a lot to hope for. Except for Inside and Outside Bets, there are Section Bets, where you wager on certain parts of the wheel.

Inside Bets are called that way due to the numbers being inside the table layout. Those are bets on individual numbers. Straight-Up Bets are wagers on the whole numbers; you can bet on many of them. A multiplier pays 100%. Split Bet covers two numbers putting 50% on each, and with a 50% multiplier.

The Street covers three numbers, giving 1/3 to each, while the Corner covers four numbers and 25% of the value. Finally, the Line Bet covers six numbers, with a multiplier increasing the win by 1/6. The game gives you many winning opportunities and decent odds in every round.

Outside Bets include even-money wagers like Large/Small, Odd/Even or Red/Black. Column Bets cover 1/3 of a wheel and pay 2:1, while Section Bets are usually called French Bets, Orpheins or Tiers. They cover certain sections of the wheel as per your wish.

The easiest way to place a bet is to go straight for the number, placing a chip on the one you want to cover. You can also use tools, including the Race Track that helps with Section and Neighbour Bets. Statistics Charts help you decide by showing the most common winning numbers. The Bet Creator saves the winning pattern you can remember at any time, while the Lucky Dip puts 5-8 random bets on the wheel.

Tips & Tricks

This game has low volatility, meaning sensible betting will get you regular wins. Multipliers do appear, but you must be lucky during the races to get them. You should not bet on over 50% of the wheel or over 5% of your bankroll in one round. If you like a slower game, this one is for you, with about 2:30 minutes per round. It is an immersive experience which enables you to enjoy it properly.

If you are into connecting a game of roulette with sports betting, look no further. It has a unique way of obtaining multipliers with long rounds and an excellent maximum payout. Inside Bets come with multipliers, while the two wheels offer two winning chances.

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