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The Cashback Bonus comes with low wagering requirements or no restrictions at all. In this way, it differs from other bonuses. The casino gives you back cash just because you’re playing regularly, which isn’t something you’d expect from an establishment that is trying to make money off you.

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These Casinos Offer a Cashback Bonus

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus?

With cashback bonuses, casinos show that they care about the players. They give players a percentage of their losses back in order to encourage them to play on.

1. Read Cashback Bonus T&C’s

Depending on the casino, the cashback may be issued in real cash or redeemable points. Of course, you must read any casino bonus’ T&Cs just in order to clear up any possible confusion later.

cashback bonus terms and conditions

2. Deposit and Play the Games That Qualify for It

Claiming a cashback bonus is simple – you only make a deposit and play the games that qualify for it. Even if you lose all the money in your account, the casino will give a percentage back to you. The percentages are usually small (5%, 10%), with the bonus being offered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How to claim a the bonus

3. Wager Your Bonus Money

The good thing about this type of bonus is that it comes with low wagering requirements and restrictions other than being available for selected games only. Some casinos go a step further and offer a cashback bonus free of any wagering. These are the casinos you should target.

bonus wagering

Cashback Bonus Pros and Cons

A cashback bonus is always a good thing, whether you are a new or a loyal customer of the casino. You will get part of your loss back from the casino. For the player, this bonus (almost) only provides positives.

The Positives!

  • It is a free bonus that you get from the casino as a thank you for your loyalty: you don’t have to do anything extra
  • There is no influence on the payout percentages of the casino games
  • It gives the casino a way to reward a customer for his / her loyalty
  • You get a free chance to reclaim any losses
  • Or you can, if the conditions allow, transfer the bonus directly to your account
  • Over a longer period of time, cashback bonuses can be very lucrative

The Negative

  • In some cases you need a certain VIP level to receive cashback

Picking the Right Bonus

Picking the right cashback bonus should be easy enough – you need to find a online casino which issues this bonus without wagering requirements or requirements that are low enough to handle.

Of course, you should also look for a casino which issues higher bonuses. There’s no point going for a cashback of 5% when you have a casino giving you a cashback bonus of 20%. Of course, reading the terms and conditions of the bonus is a must as there are nooks and crannies you should know before claiming it.

Claiming the right bonus for VIPs is simpler – depending on your rank, you’ll get a substantial amount of cash back the more money you spend. VIP Clubs are kind of hard to enter, but they do offer great prizes and advantages regular players don’t even get a whiff of. This casino bonus type is suitable for high-rollers, who often have a pretty high VIP status in a casino.

VIP Cashback Bonuses

We already mentioned that cashback bonuses are usually small, ranging between 5% and 25%. However, some casinos offer even higher percentages on their cashback programs for their most loyal customers.

The higher your VIP status, the more cash you’re going to get back when you lose. If you’re a regular player in a casino with a good VIP program, there’s a great chance that you’ll go up the ranks pretty quickly. In this way, you’ll claim more than a few prizes along the way including nice cashback bonuses.

Cashback Bonus FAQ

This bonus is a refund of the money you have lost at the online casino. You receive it based on how much money you lose in a specific period (for example, a week). The money you receive depends on the cashback percentage that the casino has determined. This percentage is usually between 5% and 25%.

Cashback bonuses are certainly interesting. Unfortunately, online casinos are not always clear in their communication. It is therefore never a bad idea to study the terms and conditions of the bonus extra carefully. This way you will not be faced with any surprises.

In most cases, a cashback bonus is bonus money and in a rare case it’s real cash, real cash can be paid out immediately. Bonus money is subjected to bonus terms and conditions, just like other casino bonuses.

Think of wagering requirements, maximum bets, and maybe even limitations to casino games where the bonus money can be used. We have to mention that the bonus T&C’s for a cashback bonus is much lower than for a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus.

The welcome bonus attracts a lot of new players to online casinos every day. You can get bonus money to try various games and get an impression of the online casino. But you have to be very lucky to be able to pay out the bonus money because there are always conditions attached to the welcome bonus. You have to wager the bonus. Because of this, you will have to win big, to be able to withdraw your bonus money. Only a few will succeed.

The cashback bonus comes with fewer conditions. It is a very easy bonus That’s the reason why we prefer the cashback bonus over the welcome bonus.

Our Thoughts

All in all, the cashback bonus is a great reward which will boost your funds even when you’re on a desperate losing streak. The biggest advantage is the low conditions. Some bonuses even come with no wagering requirements!

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