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Canadians have a number of international and national payment methods available for their online banking needs, and one of the most prominent ones is without doubt Interac.

With over 30 years in the business of facilitating online transactions, it is bound to be one of the top choices for its across-the-nation target audience, and their track record proves this just as well.

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Interac e-transfers are accepted by the biggest and best online casinos in Canada

What is Interac?

The current Interac brand of payment processing services is the product of the merger between two major corporations. Interac Association, established back in 1984 is one of them, and the other is Acxsys Corporation, dating back from 1996. Both companies have run a successful business on their own, only to come together in 2013, with the finalization of the corporate merger by 2018.

Over the whole period of time, their products have been available to Canada residents as one of the top payment processing options, and the same goes for the gambling enthusiasts residing there. With low fees, completely secure transactions and speedy transactions, its popularity is hardly surprising. And considering the fact that they have included a range of additional products to their basic payment processing service makes it all the more advantageous.

All you have to do is learn the simple process of handling deposits and withdrawals in order to make the most of your online gambling experience with this banking method.

Interac Facts

Payment TypeBank Transfer

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How to Deposit with Interac?

Making online casino deposits with Interac is available through either of the two online payment processing solutions offered under the brand – Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online. The first of the two is known as a fully fledged payment processing service, while the latter functions more as a payment gateway. Additionally, Interac Online is a more recent addition to the list of products, so it is understandable that its availability across e-merchants and other online platforms is still minor in comparison to the e-Transfer.

For an online casino deposit with the Interac e-Transfer option available at the Banking page, players have all but to meet one condition – have a bank account with one of the numerous partnering institutions. The first step of the process after you select this method is to enter the details necessary for the transfer – specify the amount you would like to deposit as bankroll and once you click next, choose the banking institution where you hold an account from the list.

At this point, the payment requires the recipient (in this case, the casino account) details – phone number or email, meaning they don’t have to be necessarily users of the Interac service or hold an account with partnering banks. All that’s left is to confirm the process and head back to the Banking page.

For Interac Online users, the process is just as simple, but still a bit limited to a set selection of platforms, as well as banking institutions. It is normally available at checkout points, as well as online casino Banking pages – just click on the icon and enter the amount you’d like to transfer. Next choose one of the three banking institutions providing this functionality so far, and you will be redirected to the respective online or mobile banking page. Log in with your existing credentials, confirm the request for the transfer and you’re good to go.

How to Withdraw with Interact?

Withdrawing with Interac is all the more simple – just choose it as a method from the list of options, specify the amount you’d like to withdraw and select the banking institution where you’d like the funds to go. First-time cashout requests will need to be supported with an ID confirmation procedure asking players to provide a proof of identity, their address and banking method.

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Transfer Time, Fees and Security

If the availability of multiple options and cashout functionality don’t manage to win you over, Interac’s low-fee and highly secure nature definitely will. Payments via this service’s solutions are processed instantly and completely securely, with the safety and protection levels acquired by the company match the standards of the top Canadian banking institutions.

A final consideration, and a rather worthy one for online casino players is the fee policy. Interac e-Transfer takes the lead in this category as well, with Interac Online tagging along with their set fees for specific payments. Even at that, the charges for the service revolve around $0.115 and $0.256, which makes it one of the cost-efficient payment methods in general. It is precisely due to this that Canada residents and casino players have made good use of the service in other spheres of everyday life, including payments for education, bills, utilities and other services.

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