Boom City

Boom City is the new live casino game from Pragmatic Play, ready to hit the market this June. It features a new gambling mechanic, three bonus rounds, and a special feature!

How to Play Boom City

1. Select a Casino and Find Boom City in Its Game Lobby

The first thing you need to do is find a live casino powered by Pragmatic Play. You can browse OnlineGambling24 to see the list of casinos offering Pragmatic Play live casino games. Once you visit the casino, find Boom City and start your adventure.

2. Get Familiar with the Game Rules and Choose a Suitable Bet

Choosing a bet that suits your playing preferences and bankroll is essential, especially as you have limited time to place the stake.

3. Place Your Bets

Choose any amount of money ranging from €0.10 to €5,000, and bet it on multipliers or bonus rounds.

4. Watch the Dice Roll

The two dice rolls and the outcome will determine your prize.

5. The Winner Is Determined, and the Game Finishes

Once the dice roll is finished, it’s time to claim your prize.

These Casinos Offer Boom City


  • A simple and easy-to-play game
  • New gambling mechanic
  • Broad betting options


  • Not really fast game

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading developers of online casino content, famous for its high-quality slot games. But the company is also increasing its presence in the live casino segment.

This summer, Pragmatic Play will launch a new live dealer title that promises a thrilling playing experience filled with bonus rounds, features, and winning opportunities.

About Boom City

Boom City is ready to hit the market this month, and understandably, the expectations are high. Pragmatic Play is known for producing quality live dealer games, mainly focused on game shows. The developer’s previous release was Sweet Bonanza Candyland, and players expect the upcoming title to be equally popular.

Boom City is a unique game show title, as it’s basically a dice game. The presenter is tasked with rolling the dice, and the better they roll, the higher the multiplier will be. Thanks to the three available bonus rounds, players can further increase multipliers and significantly improve the size of the available prizes.

Boom City is a Great Live Casino Game by Pragmatic Play
Boom City is a Great Live Casino Game by Pragmatic Play
The game is based around a 6×6 wall filled with bonus rounds, features, and multipliers. Two gigantic dice appear in a see-through case, placed on a shaking platform. Their outcome is random and fair. You can find more information on them below.

Players will have comprehensive betting options, so finding a suitable stake won’t be a problem. Simply pick an amount within the minimum and maximum limits. Every round begins with the betting time, with the available options ranging from as low as €0.10 and €5,000.

Game Features

Boom City comes with three bonus rounds and the Power Up feature. The latter particularly adds to the excitement, as it multiplies the multiplier and leads to amazing prizes. Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust bonus rounds are the best options to gamble on!


Boom City is a simple game, and the same can be said for its interface. It’s user-friendly, featuring distinctive visual and sound effects. The 6×6 wall takes centre stage, with the game presenter standing next to it. The two dice, which determine your outcome, are placed on the see-through shaking platforms underneath the wall.
The prizes and multipliers are clearly displayed on each of the fields. If you wish to get the information about your previous results, the game offers detailed bet history that can be easily accessed. The overall atmosphere is stylish, vibrantly colored, and adds to the playing experience.

Extra Features

Power Up is one of the available features that provide plenty of excitement. Triggering this feature multiplies every multiplier. They are usually doubled in size while both dice are rolled again. Power Up works the same with bonus rounds. If you trigger one of them after a Power Up, you’ll carry over this multiplier to the round, which can help players claim massive multipliers.

Bonus Rounds

Dice Battle is the first bonus round we’ll mention. It’s played with the same dice, although players won’t use both but instead choose the left or the right one. Both dice will then take one another in a one-on-one race. It’s up to players to predict which dice will get the highest multiplier. There are two options: the Blue or the Yellow side. After the rolls are completed, the side with the highest multiplier will win the battle. But here’s the best part: if you win, you’ll receive both multipliers, significantly boosting the round’s win potential. Even if you lose, you won’t end up empty-handed, as you’ll receive your side’s multiplier. Everyone wins in the Dice Battle round!

In Lucky Drop, players choose one of the numbers on the dice. Then, both dice are rolled six times, and the multiplier will go up every time the selected number appears. You can monitor your progress as the game plays. A 5x multiplier is guaranteed, but there’s much more you can claim in this round. With some luck, the bonus game can award a massive multiplier of 250x!

Boom or Bust is the bonus round you want to trigger, as the entire game revolves around it. It consists of seven rounds and allows players to decide when they want to stop. In Boom or Bust, you climb the ladder; the further you get, your multipliers will be higher. In every round, players pick a number from one to six; five numbers are multipliers, and one is Red Cross. You’ll advance to the next level if you hit a multiplier, while a Red Cross delivers the lowest guaranteed multiplier value. Some numbers award specific multipliers, giving you a shot at moving to the next round.


GametypeLive Casino
SoftwarePragmatic Play
Min. Bet€0.10
Max. Bet€5,000
Max. Payout€500,000


Boom City is a fresh release from Pragmatic Play with a new gambling mechanic, extra features, and three bonus rounds.

Since the game is developed in HTML5, it’s optimized for all mobile devices.

You can wager anywhere between €0.10 and €5,000.

The top payout is worth €500,000.

What We Think of Boom City

Boom City is a game with lots of potential. In addition to a new gambling mechanic, it also brings a combination of physical and digital RNG. In addition to looking beautiful, the game is packed with features and bonus rounds, ensuring players have a great time right from the start. Engaging live game host interaction and the chat option round up the experience. Boom City is scheduled to become a live casino hit, that’s for sure.

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