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Tennis is a pretty fun sport. Unlike football or basketball which are always played on one surface, tennis is played on different courts, with each having its own pros and cons. Betting on tennis is very exciting and the whole year available.

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The tennis season starts with the first of the four Grand Slams – the Australian Open. There are four Grand Slams during the year-long tennis season which culminates with the ATP Finals at the end of the year.

In the meantime, ATP and WTA tournaments are sometimes even more exciting than Wimbledon or Roland Garros for example, allowing bettors to constantly wager on the white sport.

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Tennis Is Very Popular

How Can You Bet on Tennis?

Thousands of sports betting lovers prefer betting on tennis rather than football or horse racing. It’s all because of the large number of tournaments and matches. Between the ATP tournaments and Grand Slam, tennis offers non-stop betting action.

Beginners can place their wagers in the outright winner or full-time winner market, while experienced punters can bet in many of the other markets. And when we say many, we really mean a lot. Due to the unique structure of the sport, players can predict more than just the match winner. The number of games and sets, the correct score, and the number of aces are all available for you to wager on, making tennis one of the sports with the largest number of markets.

Tennis Betting Tips

First and foremost, if you really want to succeed as a tennis bettor, you need to pay more attention to the player statistics and their current form. Head-to-head records are important as well and will help you determine if the underdog actually stands a chance against the favorite. The playing style of each player and the surface play a part as well. Taking all these factors in consideration before placing a bet will help you get better at predicting tennis matches and eventually winning a few bets.

Additionally, we suggest gambling online only when there’s value. Don’t always go for the favorite, as the odds aren’t likely to be that attractive. Carefully assess every tennis match you’re betting on and analyze all options before deciding which market to place your bets in.

The surface is another factor that you should consider. As we already mentioned, all players favor a certain surface, with only the best of the best being able to play well on all surfaces. Roger Federer’s and Novak Djokovic’s records indicate they can play on any surface, while Rafael Nadal’s impeccable record on clay makes him a dangerous opponent on this surface.

The head-to-head record between the players is also important, as sometimes the differences between the players are just too big. Favorites will always have better odds, but that doesn’t mean that underdogs never stand a chace.

What Events Can You Bet on?

There are plenty of tennis events to bet on all year long. It all depends on what kind of action you like. The Grand Slams are the premier tennis tournaments each year. There are four of them – the Australian Open in January, French Open in May-June, Wimbledon in July, and the US Open in August-September. As the most prestigious tournaments in the world of tennis, the Grand Slams feature a great number of matches you can bet on. This is the starting point for beginners who are trying to get a feel of tennis betting.

If you already know all there is about tennis, you can try betting on smaller ATP tournaments. These smaller tournaments often feature up-and-coming young stars who are trying to break through to the top, often getting the scalp of major favorites. Paying attention to their form may help you determine when they’re going to ‘slay a giant’, possibly bringing you thousands in return.

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What Tennis Markets Can You Bet on?

We already mentioned that you can bet in many markets in tennis. Besides the moneyline and outright winner markets, which are ideal for beginners, bettors looking for more challenge can turn their attention to markets such as handicap and over/under totals. Set winner, correct score, and live betting are all available as betting markets in tennis. They require a bit more knowledge about the sport and betting in general, but experienced punters shouldn’t have any problem.

The odds for some of these markets can be pretty enticing. The coolest thing about them is that they’re sometimes easy to predict. For example, a favorite such as Roger Federer won’t have much enticing odds in the moneyline market, but his odds of winning in straight sets will surely be much higher. The same goes for set winners. The higher odds in alternative markets make tennis a joy to bet on and is one of the main reasons why tennis is so popular among bettors.

Due to the fact that there’s often a big gap between the favorite and underdog, handicap betting is often used to even out the odds. Tennis handicaps often have much better odds than what you’d get to pick the winner. Unlike football, however, handicaps in tennis are placed on games and sets as well. In game handicaps, one player gets a game advantage (e.g. +4.5), while the other gets a game deficit (e.g. -4.5). It’s similar with sets – the players get either a set advantage or set deficit.

In the over/under market, bettors can predict if the match is going over or under the line of game or set totals. For example, you can wager on the match finishing over or under 24 games or try to predict if it’s going to finish in more or less than 3.5 sets. If you’re paying close attention to tennis statistics, this market can be very profitable. The over/under market usually has great odds, so it goes without saying that you should definitely try your hand in it if you’re a big tennis fan.

If you want an even bigger challenge (and higher odds), the set winner and correct score markets will certainly catch your eye. As you can probably guess, predicting a set winner in tennis is hard even when you’re betting on a favorite. Things can quickly change in tennis and so can the score, so you can expect pretty high odds.

Just like in any other sport, correctly predicting the score in tennis can be quite profitable as the odds are high. The correct score market is typically among those with the highest odds, so if you have a knack of getting scores right, it should definitely be on your mind.

Tie-break winner, quarter and semi-final winner, and winning margin are just some of the other tennis betting markets. Thanks to the wide range of options at your disposal, you should definitely try your luck in tennis from time to time.

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Tennis Rules

Before you start to bet on tennis, however, you need to understand the rules of tennis first. A game of tennis is played between two (singles) or four players (doubles). The players start on opposite sides of a court, with one being the server and the other a receiver.

The first one to win two or three sets (depending on the tournament) wins the match. A set consists of six games. The player who wins six games first with at least two games more than the opponent wins the set. It may look a bit complicated in the beginning, but you only need to watch a few tennis matches to understand what’s it all about.

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