The Most Common Blackjack Myths Exposed

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  • Posted on February 3, 2021
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It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced blackjack player, or you just occasionally enjoy playing it, you’ve undoubtedly heard a myth or two about this popular casino game. Many myths in online gambling that people think are true, but most have no basis in reality.

If you want to win at blackjack, it’s essential not to get confused by these myths. Separating the truth from fiction is the best way to do so, and that’s why today we’re going to talk about some of the most common blackjack myth.

We’ll give our best to expose them and in the process, hopefully, help you improve your game.

The Dealer Is Not Your Enemy

Although the dealer may appear as your opponent, his goal is not to beat you.

He will try to win, but only by strictly adhering to the rules. The game rules determine the dealer’s actions and moves, leaving him no choice but to proceed according to them.

Blackjack table
We reveal some of the most common myths in Blackjack.

Let us put it this way: the dealer will keep calling cards because the rules say he has to, not because he wants to beat your score.

Counting Cards

Many players think that counting the cards somehow violates game rules. We blame films about this misconception. In many of these films, a casino security chief’s primary responsibility is to catch players who count the cards.

But in reality, doing so is not illegal. It’s not even a bad thing to do, although it won’t provide the desired results. Have you ever seen Rain Man? Not even Dustin Hoffman managed to predict the cards.

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Position at the Table

When playing blackjack, there’s a likely chance you won’t be the first player to get the cards. It happens in almost every card game.

However, some players are sure that the seating arrangement can have an impact on their score. They couldn’t be further from the truth, as no one can know which card will be dealt from the deck.

Your position at the table can’t influence the cards you’ll receive. It’s impossible to predict the future. The only thing you can do is learn the rules and pay close attention once the game starts.

Get as Closer as Possible

If you’re new to blackjack, when talking about the game, we mean twenty-one. That’s our number, score we strive to get close enough to. However, it’s the result we get that matters in the end. The only thing that counts is the victory, and you’ll quickly forget about the result.

It doesn’t matter if you have fourteen or fifteen on the table, as long as the dealer loses. Bigger numbers mean you’ll have a higher chance of winning in a game, that’s true. Remember that the dealer must call for a card if his score is under sixteen only because the rules say so.

Listening to others is the quickest way to lose your money. Especially if they don’t know what they’re talking about. Instead, it would be best if you relied on learning a strategy that you’ll later use. Bear in mind that not all blackjack games are the same. Be sure to find a table that offers the lowest house edge.

Utilising a proper strategy can significantly boost your chances of winning. You can find tips and tricks here to improve your game at Whatever your approach may be, remember that you’re not due for a win. It’s a completely wrong way of thinking, as some will make bigger wagers thinking the success is just around the corner. All in all, blackjack is not as hard as it seems. You just need a bit of time to find the right strategy and get familiar with all aspects of this game.

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