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  • Posted on December 14, 2020
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Three Card Baccarat is a relatively new variant of the popular casino game, although it could be regarded as a much simpler version of it. The game first appeared in Macau, and has since become popular among players due to easy-to-learn rules and straightforward gameplay, but isn’t widely available across online casinos.

The game has stayed true to its basics, while the addition of two extra cards, for both the dealer and the player, has made it more exciting and appealing. Couple that with the chance of side bets paying up to 16:1, and you’ve got yourself a real hit.

Three Card Baccarat Rules

First of all, we should point out the scoring is the same as in the standard variant of baccarat. The goal of the game is also the same, with players having to guess whether the player or the dealer will have the highest value hand. Unlike the standard version, the chances of ending the game in a tie are much less likely. That’s because of the number of face cards needed for a hand to finish in a tie.

Speaking of face cards, all of them count as ten, an Ace is worth a one, while the value of the remaining cards will depend on their respective pips.

After placing bets, three cards will be dealt for the player’s hand, and then another three for the dealer. Here’s you’ll see another difference between Three Card Baccarat and the standard version, as no additional cards will be dealt.

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Once the cards have been dealt, it’s time to add up points of each of the hands and see who has the winning hand. This is also the moment to receive payouts.

When it comes to the way the hand total is being calculated, some casinos follow the standard baccarat route and take the last digit, while others add the points up, allowing the two-digit total to count. In practice, this means a hand consisting of 7, 8, and 9 counts as 4, and not 24. We advise you to check which way is used by the casino you play at.

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Three Card Baccarat Payouts and Strategies

As we’ve mentioned, payouts are made after the hand is completed. Usually, this is even money, minus the commission for wagering on the player and the dealer. The commission ranges between 3% and 5%, while the payout for the tie is 20:1. Again, we point out that payouts in Three Card Baccarat can differ depending on the casino, especially as this baccarat variant is not often found.

Three Card Baccarat boasts one of the worst bets you’ll ever encounter in a casino game. The Three Faces side bet is paid out when the dealer has three cards. The probability of having three face cards in a game played with only one deck is 0.009954751! That means the odds of such an outcome are less than 1%! At the same time, the house edge is at a staggering 83%!

Betting on the tie can also be very tempting, especially for those used to play the standard version of the game. With payouts ranging between 20% and 25%, it’s easy to see why.

But for a tie to come in, you have to calculate not only the value of the hand but the number of face cards as well, which makes it a bit tricky.

With the probability of Three Card Baccarat being around 3.7%, and with the house edge of 20.8%, you should avoid it, unless you feel that Lady Luck is incredibly generous. Three Card Baccarat will also result in a handsome payout, which is another reason why it’s so appealing to players.


Play for fun before wagering any real money! Three Card Baccarat is significantly different from the standard version, and even if you’re a seasoned baccarat player, you’ll need to get used to the differences. Avoid the tie and make sure you have enough money to enjoy a good session. Also, stay clear of as the Three Faces, as only the casino can profit from this side bet. Three Card Baccarat is an exciting version of the popular game, and if you want to see it for yourself, be sure to visit OnlineGambling24 today.

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