What Are Hot & Cold Numbers in Roulette?

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  • Posted on December 9, 2020
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Roulette is an ultimate game of chance both novices and seasoned players can enjoy. It all comes down to choosing one or more numbers you believe the ball will land on. People have been trying to beat the game of Roulette since it was invented, coming up with different strategies and systems.

One of the Roulette strategies is based on the concept of hot and cold numbers we will discuss in this article. Whether you play Roulette at land-based casinos or you prefer online gambling, stay with us to find out more about Roulette hot and cold numbers.  

Hot and Cold Numbers Concept in Roulette Explained

The concept of hot and cold numbers in Roulette is based on keeping track of the winning numbers. The numbers that win more than others are called hot whereas those that do not happen to land frequently are considered cold numbers.

Some believe that the patterns in the way the ball lands can help them overcome the house edge in Roulette. The proponents of this concept fall into two groups. Those that place their bets on hot numbers believe that the same winnings numbers will keep coming, while others wager on cold numbers, believing that the ball will land on the numbers that haven’t won in a while.

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Hot and Cold Numbers Strategy in Online Roulette

At online casinos, players can enjoy RNG and live Roulette variants. Some live dealer Roulette games display lists of the winning numbers in the last 500 rounds thus helping players to use the hot and cold numbers strategy. However, relying on the hot and cold numbers strategy may not be the best thing to do when it comes to online Roulette as each spin of the wheel is an independent event.

The randomness of results in Roulette particularly applies to RNG-operated games. The Random Number Generator determines the outcome of each round, thus leaving little room for relying on any kind of pattern.

Roulette table
We explain the difference between hot and cold numbers in Roulette.

As for Roulette games hosted by live dealers, their providers make sure that players cannot gain an advantage by detecting the dealer signature or any physical flaw of the wheel.  At live casinos, croupiers work in shifts and are changed to prevent players from tracking them. At the same time, the equipment is of the highest quality, so there is a small chance of identifying a bias.

The fact that some live Roulette tables show statistics with the winning numbers in up to 500 rounds speaks for itself. If the statistics could help the player to beat the game, the providers of live casino solutions would not have included it in their products.

Closing Thoughts

While placing bets based on hot or cold numbers can be an option if you don’t have an idea what numbers to wager on, this strategy won’t affect the house edge in Roulette, whether you play the game offline or online. Each outcome is random and no one can tell where the ball will land next.

While playing the game of Roulette, you may notice that some numbers win more or less than others. Yet, it does not mean that they will certainly win in the next round. Whether the ball will follow the pattern or not is a matter of chance and no one can predict it. So, enjoy the gameplay and manage your bankroll; that would be the best piece of advice if you want to enjoy Roulette to the fullest. After all, the concept of hot and cold numbers is based on a belief and makes the perfect example of the gambler’s fallacy.

What Is Gambler’s Fallacy?

Also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, the gambler’s fallacy is a belief according to which a particular event that occurs more frequently is less likely to happen in the future. It originated in the game of Roulette in Monte Carlo, hence the name.

There is also the reverse gambler’s fallacy, a belief that something is more likely to happen if it happened frequently in the past, which is exactly the idea behind betting on hot numbers in Roulette.

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