What Is Chemin de Fer Baccarat and How to Play It?

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  • Posted on February 25, 2021
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There are many baccarat versions available at online and land-based casinos, with some being more and some less popular among players.

One of the original variants of this game is Chemin de Fer, and unlike Punto Banco, which is by far the most popular one, this version is regarded as much more refined. That’s because it requires skill since the draw doesn’t come with the usual tableau rules of pulling cards.

Finding Chemin de Fer online is difficult. Due to the game rules, it’s very hard for casinos to profit from it, and it’s not easy to control the play. The only way a casino can make a profit from Chemin de Fer is through an obligatory fee of 5%, which players pay on every Banker bet.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Chemin de Fer

As its name suggests, Chemin de Fer originates from France. It’s a baccarat version played with six decks of 52 cards, kept in a dealing shoe. Up to eight players can take part in a game, seated at an oval table.

Baccarat cards and chips
Chemin de fer is the baccarat variation that encourages players to use tactics.

When it comes to rules, they are generally the same as the ones in Punto Banco. There’s a slight difference, though. Since the rules are not strictly implemented, players themselves have more freedom during the game. In practice, that means more control over the outcome. This difference brings skill into play.

In Chemin de Fer, a single player takes the Banker’s role and sets the wager the rest of the table will place on the hand. This version of baccarat allows players to compete against each other instead of wagering against the House. You won’t find this option in Punto Banco.

If you’re familiar with the game’s most popular version, you’ll realise that card values are the same. That means two eights or nines constitute a “natural”, while tens and picture cards are “baccarat”.

Here you can play all the baccarat variations.

Playing Chemin de Fer

Players will first take a seat around the large table. The first Banker is the one seating the Dealer’s right side. He will be in charge of bankrolling the game and will determine how much players will be betting in the next hand. Bets are placed in the center of the table, in the section called “the Banco”.

The Banker will wait for the other players to make their wagers or holler out “Banco” to speed up the process. Other punters’ bet can’t exceed the amount the Banker nominated. Placing bets starts from the Banker’s left.

After all the bets are placed, the Banker will draw the first batch of four cards. A player with the largest stake and the Banker each get two cards. If either of them pulls a “natural”, they have to flip their cards.

Punto Banco

This is the moment where Chemin de Fer differs from Punto Banco, as players can use tactics. If a player gets two cards, whose total is seven or less, he is free to choose whether he’ll pull a third card. If he decides to do so, he will have to reveal it. The Banker is also open to determine whether to make the same move.

Many players believe it’s foolish to take a third card on a six or seven but will also tell you that staying on baccarat, one, two, three, or four is also something they wouldn’t recommend. Five is the only total on which no one really knows what to do. Don’t mind what anyone says. You can play the game however you want, as there are no rules on drawing the third card.

The hand is completed after the rest of the initial cards are revealed. One of two things can happen from that moment on. If the Banker wins the hand, he’ll keep the Banker’s role in the next hand. But, if he loses, the player to the left will take his place.

Final thought

Chemin de Fer delivers a different playing experience when compared to the standard version of baccarat we all know and love. If you ever manage to find it online, be sure to give it a go. You’ll enjoy the freedom this variant provides to players. To see more about baccarat, visit OnlineGambling24.com .

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