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What Is Surrender in Online Blackjack?

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  • Written by Anette
  • Posted on May 27, 2020
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Only a few games you can play at online casinos provide you with an opportunity to affect the outcome of each round. One of them is Blackjack, where each decision you make matter. Thanks to different options available, players can apply the proper strategy and make moves to gain leverage over the house.

One of the options available at some Blackjack variants is called surrender, and it allows players to minimize their losses. In this article, we provide you with a guide to the surrender option and how to use it.

How Blackjack Surrender Works?

Surrender is an option available in some land-based and online Blackjack variants. The variant you can play online is Blackjack Surrender, an RNG-operated game variation powered by Playtech. Just as its name suggests, surrender provides you with an opportunity to quit the game and lose half of your bet instead of losing the whole amount you have wagered.

how to use the surrender option in online blackjack
Blackjack Surrender by Playtech
The surrender option becomes available when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace or 10. All you have to do to quit the game is to press the Surrender button, and you will keep half of your main bet. You can use the option on the initial two cards you have received only. That means it will not be available after you have opted to make any other regular move like hit or stand, split or double.

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Difference Between Early Surrender and Late Surrender

The surrender option appears in two variants – early and late surrender. When it comes to early surrender, it allows you to quit the game based on the cards you have been dealt without seeing the dealer’s face-up card. This surrender variant is rarely offered at casino sites though. On the other hand, late surrender allows you to surrender your hand after the dealer checks for a blackjack.

When You Should Use Surrender?

Since you won’t find any online Blackjack game offering early surrender, let’s take a closer look at the situations when you should go for late surrender. Whether you should go for the surrender option depends on how many decks are in play and if the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17. For instance, in a single-deck Blackjack game, if you receive a hard 17, you should surrender when the dealer has an Ace and hits on soft 17.

In single-deck Blackjack, where the dealer hits on a soft 17, surrender with two 7s on the dealer’s 10. On a hard 15, when playing a game with one or two decks, surrender if the dealer shows an Ace unless they stand on a soft 17. If more decks are in play, you should surrender on both 10 and Ace.

Finally, when you receive cards totalling 16, you should surrender when the dealer shows a 10 or Ace in a single or double-deck game. If 4 to 8 decks are in play, you should surrender on the dealer’s 9, 10 or Ace. However, if you receive two 8s and you are not allowed to double down after splitting, you should surrender only when the dealer hits on a soft 17 and has an Ace.

Why Use Surrender Option?

Surrender is an excellent option as it allows you to save half of your bet, which can be crucial for your bankroll. While it prevents you from beating the dealer, it provides you with an opportunity to make the most of the cards you have received, which sometimes means giving up. Once you find an online Blackjack variant offering the surrender option, make sure to find the proper strategy chart and make your moves according to it.

Surrender vs Insurance

The most significant difference between these two options is that insurance functions as a side bet, meaning that you need to wager additional money to make use of it.

When you go for insurance, you bet that the dealer will create a blackjack hand. In this case, you win a 2:1 payout and lose your main bet. This is considered one of the worst bets you can make at an online casino. Although it is available in most RNG and live dealer Blackjack games, we don’t recommend going for insurance.

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