Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming is constantly trying to develop great live casino games. And you know what? They hit it every time. Now it's time for a new and exceptional funny game: Crazy Time!

How to Play Crazy Time

1. Select Crazy Time

First, you must select Crazy Time. The casino will take you directly to the Live Casino Studio of Evolution.

Click on Crazy Time

2. Evolution Live Studio

In the studio you see a big money wheel. A host from Evolution Gaming presents the game. The host spins the wheel and leads the bonus games.

Crazy Time Studio at Evolution Gaming

3. Choose Your Chip Value and Place Your Bets

At the bottom of the screen, you can choose the chip value. Once chosen, you have 8 different options to bet on. To participate you must at least pick one. You may play more options, as a matter of fact, you may play them all. There are special buttons for playing all bonuses or all number bets with one click.

Crazy Time Bets

4. The Game Starts, the Wheel Spins

Every game, the host spins the money wheel. The bets are placed and the game is on.

The Wheel of Furtune is spun

5. A Top Slot Sets the Multiplier

Every game a multiplier is set for one of the betting options. If the money wheel ends on this option, the multiplier is activated.

Multiplier is set

6. Money Wheel Stops

When the wheel stops at a number all the winners get paid. The wheel might stop on a bonus, then this bonus game starts. If you placed a bet on this particular bonus, you may play the bonus game. If not, you’re just a spectator.

The wheels stops

7. Payouts

As soon as the bonus game is over you get your winnings paid to your account. After the payments, the next Crazy Time Game starts.

Crazy Time Payouts

Play Crazy Time at These Casinos

Get ready to play the most fun casino game ever made! Crazy Time is filled with bonus games and multipliers. It’s fun to watch and fun to play.

Evolution is famous for its game shows. Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, and now Crazy Time. This new show-style game with multiple bonus rounds and massive multipliers is the best game show so far. We know that for sure.

What kind of a game is Crazy Time?

Built on the successful Dream Catcher concept, the base of Crazy Time is a big money wheel. From a live studio, a host presents the game. The Crazy Time studio includes a big money wheel, a Top Slot above the money wheel, and four exciting bonus games — Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. The money wheel has 54 segments, and
each contains either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game.

Crazy Time is the Craziest Show Ever From Evolution Gaming
Crazy Time is the Craziest Show Ever From Evolution Gaming
As with most games with a money wheel, players can bet on the expected outcome. The possible outcomes of the money wheel at Crazy Time are 1, 2, 5, or 10. The number also immediately stands for the multiplier. At the start of each game round, both the money wheel and the Top Slot will spin at the same time.

Random Multiplier

Crazy Time also has a random multiplier that appears every round. At the start of each game round, both the money wheel and the Top Slot will spin at the same time. This Top Slot will determine one random multiplier for one random bet spot — either a number or a bonus game. When a multiplier and bet spot align horizontally in the Top Slot, it’s a match and a multiplier will be added to this bet spot.

When the money wheel comes to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by the flapper at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops at the number that you have placed your bet on, you win. Your winnings are multiplied if the Top Slot multiplier was assigned to this particular bet spot.

If the wheel stops at a bonus game segment, the bonus game will start. If a Top Slot multiplier was won for this segment, the multipliers in the bonus game will be multiplied with the Top Slot multiplier.

When you play that betting option, and the multiplier is 10x, for example, you win 10x your winnings if the money wheel stops on your choice. The maximum multiplier on the Top Slot is 50x.

Place Bets

  • Place your bets on the bet spots where you think that the money wheel will stop
  • When the betting time is over, the game presenter will spin the money wheel
  • The Top Slot generates one random multiplier for one random bet spot — either a number or a bonus game
  • If the bet spot and multiplier do not align horizontally in the Top Slot, the game will proceed without a multiplier.

Crazy Time Facts


GametypeLive Casino
SoftwareEvolution Gaming
RTP96,08% RTP


  • Amazing Jackpots can be won
  • Live chat available
  • Unique gameplay
  • Great bonusgames


  • High volatility
  • Addictive game
    Crazy Time Bonus Games

    The bonus rounds

    Crazy Time has 4 different bonus rounds. There are 54 segments on the wheel and for every 6 segments, there is 1 segment with a bonus round. This means that there are 9 chances on a bonus round every game. There are 4 segments with the bonus Coin Flip, 2 segments with Cash Hunt, 2 with Pachinko, and 1 with the bonus Crazy Time. Let’s take a closer look at these bonuses.

    • Coin Flip

    • If the wheel stops on Coin Flip, this bonus comes into action. A red and a blue multiplier will be announced. A coin with a blue side and a red side is flipped. The side that ends up decides which multiplier will be activated on your bet.

      • Coin is placed in the coin launcher
      • The multiplier values for each side are then revealed
      • Game host will push the Flip button and the coin is automatically flipped
      • The side that is facing up at the end wins. If the coin lands with the red side up, you will win the red multiplier and vice versa for the blue side
      • Occasionally a surprise Rescue Flip might occur where the coin is flipped again if the assigned multipliers are low.

      Dream Scenario: Top Slot multiplier of 50x lands on the Coin Flip betting option. The maximum Coin Flip multiplier of 100x appears this side ends up. Your bet will be multiplied 5000x.

    • Cash Hunt

    • Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery and features a big screen with 108 random multipliers.

      • The multipliers are covered by random symbols and then shuffled
      • You select your own target, i.e. the symbol you believe is hiding the largest multiplier
      • When the countdown begins, position your aim at your chosen symbol on the screen
      • The cannon will shoot at the target when the time is up and reveal the hidden multiplier
      • The multiplier you won will multiply your bet

      Each player will select their own target in this interactive bonus round. As a result, players will win different multipliers.

      Dream Scenario: Top Slot delivers a multiplier of 50x on the Cash Hunt betting option. The maximum Cash Hunt multiplier of 500x appears and you have shot it, you will receive 50x500x = 25000x your bet.

    • Pachinko

    • Pachinko is a drop-down game. A luminous puck is released along a wall with protruding pins and randomly falls into a compartment. The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall with a multitude of physical pegs with 16 drop zones at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zones at the bottom. 500x is the highest multiplier, but the multiplier that can fall multiple times allows for a much higher multiplier.

      • All landing zones are given a random multiplier or a ‘DOUBLE’ value
      • The puck is dropped randomly from zones 4-12
      • The puck travels down the wall to finally land in a landing zone
      • If the puck lands on a multiplier, your bet will be multiplied
      • If the puck lands on ‘DOUBLE’, all the multipliers are doubled. A new drop zone is randomly chosen, and the puck is dropped again until it lands on a doubled multiplier or until the multipliers have reached the maximum 10,000x multiplier
      • Occasionally a Rescue Drop might occur if the puck landed on a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier. Any multiplier that is lower than the won multiplier will be boosted to the won multiplier’s value. A new drop zone is randomized and the puck is dropped again.

      Dream scenario: Top SLot multiplier of 50x ends up on the betting option Pachinko. The maximum multiplier of 500x appears and the puck first falls twice in the doubler. That results in 50x2000x = 100,000x your bet.

    • Crazy Time

    • If the wheel stops on Crazy Time, the most beautiful bonus game will appear. A very large wheel of fortune with no less than 64 segments, appears. Each segment contains a special multiplier. There are 3 different “flappers” from which the player can choose. It is filled with crazy multipliers with the possibility for crazy multiplied winnings!

      Crazy Time has four different virtual wheels, some offer more ‘DOUBLE’ and ‘TRIPLE’ segments, some offer higher multipliers — all to make the game even more exciting! The wheel is randomly selected at the start of the bonus round.

      • Choose your flapper: green, blue or yellow
      • If the decision time runs out, a random flapper is automatically selected
      • The game presenter starts the wheel by pushing the button
      • When the wheel stops spinning, the flappers point at three different segments. You will win the multiplier at your chosen flapper. The multiplier will be applied to each player’s winnings instantly
      • If a flapper stops at “DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’, all the multipliers on the wheel will double or triple. If you chose this flapper, you will take part in a re-spin with the chance to win even bigger multipliers!
      • The wheel can be re-spun after winning on ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ until the multipliers reach the maximum 20,000x multiplier

      Dream Scenario: Top Slot multiplier of 50x stops on Crazy Time. After a number of doublers and the 200x multiplier it is possible to win 160,000x your bet.

    Crazy Time FAQ

    A lot of casinos offer this game. We have a selection of some good casinos for you.

    There are 4 bonus games in Crazy Time. These are the bonus rounds:

    • 1 Crazy Time
    • 2 Pachinko
    • 3 Cash Hunt
    • 4 Coin Flip

    Games More Funnier

    Evolution’s Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter said:

    “We have been hard at work for the last year creating what I think is our best game line-up ever. Our goal is to make our core games more fun. We enhance games to make them more relaxing and comfortable to play. And will launch our craziest, most bonus-laden, game show ever – Crazy Time. I think Crazy Time is the most fun casino game ever and I can’t wait for it to be live.”

    This out-of-the-box thinking is one of the reasons Evolution Gaming boasts more coveted industry awards than any of its competitors. The year is still young and the company is already favorite to become Casino Supplier of the Year at the Gaming Intelligence Awards and Online Casino Supplier of the Year at 2020 Global Gaming Awards in London.

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