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Power Blackjack: How to Play, Payouts & Strategy

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  • Written by Anette
  • Posted on June 26, 2020
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One of the leading providers of live dealer content, Evolution Gaming, added a new Blackjack release to its line-up of games earlier this month.

Titled Power Blackjack, the fresh launch is set to become a valuable part of the developer’s Infinite range, which already includes such popular games as Infinite Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack.

Online gambling fans can look forward to a Blackjack experience with a twist, with lots of excitement and wide wagering option for players to explore. That’s why we’re sure the new Power Blackjack will be a good addition to the company’s portfolio.

How to Play Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is played with eight decks, and to Vegas Rules, which means the dealer receives two cards. We should point out that the dealer peeks for Blackjack while standing on all seventeens. Split Aces awards a single card, with Blackjack and insurance paying 3:2 and 2:1 respectively.

Once the game starts, you’ll have twelve seconds to place your wager. You can play one of four optional side bets only after the initial bet is made.

  • Hot3 – Here you can wager on whether the first two cards drawn by the player and the dealer’s upcard will make a total of 19, 20, 21, or three sevens.
  • 21+3 – Bet whether the player’s cards and the upcard will from a three-card Poker hand.
  • Any Pair – Bet that the player’s initial two cards will form a pair.
  • BustIt – You get paid if the dealer busts! The more cards the dealer bust, the bigger will your reward be.

The action starts after Betting Time is completed, and that’s when players will have to decide the next step. Their next move will depend on the cards they got, with six possible choices.

Players can continue to take cards or opt to Stand. In case the player’s hand includes a pair, it can be split into two separate hands that are played independently.

They can also choose to Double, Triple and even Quadruple the stake. This move can be made after splitting a hand as well.

Here you can play Power Blackjack


When it comes to payouts, their size will vary depending on the chosen side bet and the hand a player has.

For example, selecting the Hot3 side bet can award payouts worth up to 100 times the bet, for a hand consisting of three sevens. However, other prizes this side bet can give are not quite as lucrative, and the biggest one is worth 20 times the stake.

Evolution Gaming Power Blackjack
Learn more about Evolution’s latest Blackjack title.

Playing a 21+3 hand can turn out to be a lucrative move. Three of a Kind pays 25 times your bet, Straight Flush will increase your stake by 35 times, and Suited Trips awards a payout of 100 times the amount you wagered.

With the BustIt side bet, the factor determining the size of the award you’ll receive is the number of cards the dealer busts. If he does that while having eight or more cards in his hand, you’ll receive a neat prize of 250 times the stake!


After the player gets the first two cards, it’s the right time to choose the next action. The subsequent move will depend on the player’s hand and the dealer’s visible card.

When it comes to splitting strategy, players should be careful when making a decision. Sometimes it’s best to hit, like when you have a pair of fives or Jacks, Queens and Kings. A pair of eights should always be split, while with other cards, the next move should be based on what the dealer has.

Using the right Double, Triple, and Quadruple Down strategy can make all the difference. It’s advisable to wager two, three or four times when doubling down. Your move will also depend on the hand you’ve been dealt, and the only dealer’s card you’re allowed to see.

On a hard 14 or less, you should always hit. This also applies to cases when you have a soft 17 or less. However, on hard 18 or more, it’s best to stand. You should stick to this on soft 18 and 19, though in certain instances you could go on and hit (especially if the dealer has eight to Ace).


Creating a version of the standard Blackjack game that allows players to double, triple and quadruple down is sure provide an exciting and fresh experience. Such an approach will help Evolution Gaming to further strengthen its leading positions in the market.

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