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Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is one of the recent additions to the line-up of bonus variants. Created by one of the leading game designers in the industry Microgaming, Bonus Blackjack is a fun and lucrative variant of blackjack which shares most of the rules with the traditional card game.

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The only major difference is the possibility of getting a bonus in case of a blackjack formed with certain cards at pretty high odds.

Bonus Blackjack is available in most casinos using Microgaming’s excellent software. The payout is huge for certain hands and it’s not uncommon for players to win thousands for a bet that’s tens of times smaller. Due to this, Bonus Blackjack is the favorite blackjack variation of thousands of players around the world.

Bonus Blackjack Rules

Although the name may lead you to think so, Bonus Blackjack is not simply a bonus in a game of blackjack. It’s actually a complete variant which features interesting side bets besides the main bets common for traditional blackjack. The optional side bet is the real star of this blackjack variant since it offers the highest payout of all blackjack bets and can cover all your losses in a single night.

Bonus blackjack
You can find Bonus Blackjack online

The rules for Bonus Blackjack are basically the same as the rules of traditional blackjack. The dealer will hit on a Soft 17, players can split, double down, and take the insurance bet, although they can’t surrender in this variant.

The insurance bet pays 2:1 and can’t be taken if the player has split cards already or doubled down. A natural pays 3:2, and a hand closer to 21 than what the dealer has pays 1:1. In general, everything’s the same like in standard blackjack except for the no surrender rule and the optional side bets.

The main feature in Bonus Blackjack is the bonus side bet which gives players a chance to win big. If you’re dealt any 2 suited cards, the Bonus bet pays 5:2. A Jack and an Ace will pay 25:1, and if you’re really lucky and get a Jack + an Ace of Spades, the payout is a huge 50:1. With a maximum bet limit of $25, you can win more than a thousand bucks, which is an amazing return.

The good thing about the Bonus bet aside from the fact that it doesn’t affect the base game is that it’s quite lucrative. Imagine winning the base plus the bonus bet – it would surely bring a lot of money. Of course, this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s certainly juicy.

Why Choose Bonus Blackjack?

The biggest reason why this blackjack variant has such a huge base of fans is that it offers winnings you can’t really imagine when playing traditional blackjack. Imagine hitting the 7-7-7 super bonus for the maximum allowed bet size – it can be quite profitable.

The Bonus side bet is available in most online casinos with Microgaming software, so you can easily find it. The game has perfect graphics and gameplay which will definitely make the whole experience worthwhile. No matter if you’re playing for fun or real money, Bonus Blackjack is a great new blackjack variant that will help you learn more about blackjack while giving you the opportunity to turn a nice profit.


When it comes to using strategies, the basic blackjack strategy will work best since this variant doesn’t differ from the traditional version. Yes, the major difference is the bonus bet, but it doesn’t really affect the base game, so any basic blackjack strategy should work.

Which Variants Does Bonus Blackjack Have?

In the world of online gambling, there’s an almost infinite number of possibilities. The rules of any blackjack variant are constantly tweaked to entice players and such is the case with Bonus Blackjack as well. For example, there’s a variant which pays a whopping 500:1 for a 7-7-7 hand, while other versions offer Bonus bets which pay 25:1 if the player can correctly predict who gets a blackjack – himself, the dealer or both.

Of course, the house edge of the Bonus bet is quite high (22-24%), which is expected for a game with such a huge payout. Before you place down your bets, we strongly suggest reading the payouts and rules at the table so you’re not caught in a whirlwind of losses.

Depending on your online casino of choice, you can find Multihand Bonus Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack Gold, and Multihand Bonus Blackjack Gold with the impressive graphics of the Gold Series Blackjack. If you’re not sure what to play, try any variant for free first. That should give you a clearer idea of what to expect and help you learn more about blackjack in general.

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Card Counting

If you’ve already tried card counting, you know that it doesn’t work in online casinos. Well, it’s not that it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t swing the odds in your favor as it does in land-based casinos. Due to the fact that the computer deals new cards from a fresh deck for each round, running a count is virtually impossible.

Still, jumping on the bonus train when the deck is favorable and full of aces is a potentially winning strategy if you have Lady Luck on your side. In this case, the chances of landing the Bonus bet are a bit higher, although, with such a high house edge, we’re not sure by how much. Still, it’s a possibility that should be tried when you’re playing this variant. You know how they say – if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

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