Pragmatic Play Introduces Football Blitz Top Card

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  • Posted on June 7, 2024
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Pragmatic Play Live, a force to be reckoned with in the iGaming world, has created a card game for the ages. The provider transferred the hot atmosphere from the football pitch to the studio, delivering a fantastic gaming experience. This fast-paced live game blends sports betting and the straightforward high/low card game format.

The game, also called Super Trunfo, is presented by professional live-casino dealers. Players take a guess which hand will draw the higher card and win, Home or Away. Football fans and card enthusiasts will enjoy thrilling features like Spread Bets, which are available on both sides of the table.

This game follows the track of Evolution’s Football Studio, another simple game with a single card dealt to both positions. The highest card would earn an even money win. Pragmatic Play has added a couple of twists to make its game a bit different. One is the ability to lay spread bets, and the other is the introduction of random multipliers applied to them. Read the article to learn everything about this exciting football/card game.

How to Play

The launch version of the game is focused on the Brazilian market, hence another title, Super Trunfo. You can grab even-money wins for Home and Away bets, as well as 11:1 for Draw. When it comes to Spread Bets, you can bet on Home/Away win differential. The spreads range from +1.5 to +10.5, and a single card is dealt to both home and away.

Aces are worth 1, numbers from 2 to 10 have face values, while Jack, Queen and King are 11, 12 and 13, respectively. Random multipliers are applied to spread bets from 1 to 12 to enhance regular payouts. The maximum win is 500:1 for a top multiplier + 10.5 spread. If the result is a Draw, all spread bets lose.

Football Blitz Top Card Live Dealer
Football fans will recognize exciting features like Spread Bets, available for both Home and Away sides of the table.


To win a spread bet, the bet must be placed on a Spread Bet located on a winning side, while the point difference must be bigger than the bet. You can win on multiple side bets if the difference covers many spreads. Even if this sounds complicated, it is a straightforward game, and this summary tells you all you need to know to begin. You might be interested to know that the betting time is only 10 seconds.

If you are familiar with the other similar games, you will notice that Ace here is low, but in other games, it is high. Moreover, only card order is needed in the other games, while Football Blitz requires both card order and numerical value. With 3 types of in-game statistics and an exceptionally user-friendly interface, this game will attract large audiences.

Spread Bets & Multipliers

The main game asks for no further clarification with even-money payouts on the high card. However, spread bets require some explanations. You can have 6 options for either Home or Away and place as many bets as you want. Again, the spread bet wins if your side wins by more than the spread value.

Let’s see this as an example. A Home +1.5 bet is a wager the Home team will win by 2 points or more. Similarly, an Away +10.5 wager means the Away team wins by 11 or more. It can only happen if K wins over 2 or Q over Ace, which is why the payout is 40:1. When the bets close from 1 to 12, spread bets are applied and highlighted.

The top multiplier will occasionally be applied to the +10.5 spread. You can place spread bets only during the shoe’s early part. When 50 rounds pass, the bets of +9.5 and +10.5 are no longer offered, while you cannot use any spread bets after 60 rounds. The shoe has 8 decks, which are reshuffled mid-shoe, meaning around 200 cards are dealt per shoe. The spreads are offered only for half of the rounds or so.

RTP & Payouts

As for the main game, it grants even-money payouts for Home and Away, while Draw pays 11:1. The RTP values are 96.27% for the first two and 89.64% for the third. When it comes to spread bets, the situation is more complicated. For Home/Away bets of +1.5 and +3.5, you can get 1-10:1 and 2-20:1, respectively, with RTPs of 97.27% and 97.15%.

Furthermore, if you bet +5.5 and +7.5, you will expect 4-30:1 and 8-50:1, with the RTP values of 96.95% and 92.51%, respectively. Finally, for +9.5 and +10.5, you can expect 20-200:1 and 40-500:1 with 90.41% and 87.49%, respectively. It is clear you will need a lot of luck to land bigger wins, but that is the beauty of the game. Its fast pace and exciting football-game atmosphere will draw you in from the first second.

Pragmatic Play is one of the iGaming giants, and the studio’s attempts to establish a leading position in the live casino category are natural. Evolution has set the standard when it comes to live games, but Pragmatic Play has plenty to show for, like Sweet Bonanza Candyland. We at OnlineGambling24  are curious to see what the company will do in the future. Football Blitz is another excellent example of the company’s creativity and quality. The fast-paced game conveys the atmosphere of a football match and grants solid payouts.

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