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Betting on soccer is the most prevalent type of betting these days. Millions of dollars are being wagered on soccer related events every day. This is because soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world.

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Soccer is a sport which is perfect for betting as it offers countless of betting markets and propositions.

In fact, many sports betting operators and bookmakers have soccer as their primary sport to wager on. As a rule of thumb the largest number of regular and in-play betting markets offered is from soccer. We would even say that we have never seen a bookmaker that doesn’t have soccer in its betting offer.

What Can Soccer Lovers Bet on?

Soccer betting has gone a long way since those early days when betting enthusiasts could only bet on whether a soccer match can be won by one of the teams or if it will end in a draw. These days, betting on soccer comes with hundreds and some days even more than a thousand betting events being made available for punters. All of these events come with hundreds of betting markets that a punter can choose from.

betting on soccer
Soccer Sports Betting

Furthermore, in-play betting, also known as live betting is particularly popular among soccer betting enthusiasts. That’s why bookmakers reserve their most extensive live betting offer for soccer events.

In addition to this, punters can also bet on many outright betting markets when it comes to soccer. They can predict which team can win the league or which team will get relegated. They can also choose which team will get promoted, which player will score the most goals and so on.

Finally, punters can also bet on a lot of soccer related specials. This happens during the festive season in England or during popular soccer events such as the World Cup. The Champions League and the Copa Libertadores latter stages, and the MLS playoffs are also rich in betting specials.

Where Can You Bet on Soccer?

The majority of soccer betting these days is done online. This is because betting on soccer events online comes with a lot of advantages when compared to betting on soccer at your local bookmaker, which still remains as an option.

When you bet on soccer through a popular online sports betting operator you get many benefits. That s not the case when you bet through a land based soccer betting establishment. First of all, online bookmakers always offer their punters various bonuses and promotions. Chief amongst these is the new client bonus which can often be very rewarding.

Another advantage of betting on soccer online is that you can watch the match that you bet on live. This is because sports betting operators these days offer their punters the chance to follow live streams of matches. The only thing punters should do is to place a certain amount of money on those matches.

Finally, online gambling is much simpler than betting at a land based bookmaker. Online betting establishments offer the greatest simplicity when creating your betting slips. This is because all of their soccer betting events are literally only a touch or a scroll away.

Most Popular Soccer Markets

Even though soccer matches come with hundreds of betting markets for punters to choose from, the most popular betting market remains the match winner one. This is probably because it is in the essence of soccer betting to predict the final outcome of a match and which team will win the contest.

The match winner market is also the most popular one because it is the easiest one to understand. Even soccer betting novices can understand that putting ‘1’ on your betting slip means that you tip the home side to win, while putting ‘2’ means that you are backing the away team to take home the points.

In addition to the match winner market, most punters also go for the goal totals markets. In them they can choose the number of goals there will be in a match. When betting on this market, you don’t care which team will win and only worry about the number of goals.

An added bonus when playing on goal totals markets is the fact that you can choose the Over 2.5 or Over 3.5 option and cheer both teams when they score. This means that you can just sit back and enjoy the soccer on show without worrying if your team will concede.

A lot of experienced punters often choose the various handicap markets in the pursuit of higher odds. Backing a team to win in the handicap market is actually backing the team to overturn a starting handicap. This starting handicap is most commonly shown as -1.5 or -2.5.

Soccer is extremely popular

If a punter is backing his team to win with a handicap of -1.5, he is automatically given higher odds. This is because his team will have to win with a two goal winning margin. This is of course much more difficult than simply backing the team to win in the match winner market. However, the odds given in the handicap market are significantly higher than in the match winner market.

Finally, there are also tons of player related markets which are popular with soccer betting enthusiasts. The most popular here are the ‘Player to Score’ and ‘Player to Score First’ markets. Other betting propositions such as the ‘Player to Score a Brace’ or Player to Score a Hat-trick’ are also popular.

Betting on Soccer Tips

If you want to be good at soccer betting, you should follow soccer very closely. This is because soccer is one of those sports where knowing the game usually equals money. If you have the right pre-match information, and you know the form of the players, you can easily win. And if you have a fairly good understanding of stats, you can make a pretty accurate prediction of how a match will end.

Counting solely on luck, without following soccer week in week out, is a good way to quickly lose interest. More worryingly however, this is also a very good way to lose your money expeditiously.

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When Did Betting on Soccer First Begin?

Soccer betting was probably in some form or another present right from the very beginnings of the sport. It started sometime in the mid 19th century. However, since all betting and wagering on soccer was illegal until the 1960s, it was all done secretly. Bets were placed away from the public eye, in shady, underground soccer betting establishments.

Most bookmakers in the UK started their operations in the early 20th century. Their betting offer consisted almost exclusively of betting on horse and dog racing. Betting on soccer was legalized and entered mainstream betting in 1960. This was when the Betting and Gaming Act was passed in the United Kingdom.

From the following year betting on soccer was finally available to law abiding citizens in the UK. However, the betting offer was mostly limited to simple betting markets such as the match winner one. Furthermore, all punters had to follow strict rules about the betting events they included on their soccer betting slips. This meant that they had to include a minimum of three soccer betting events on their betting slips.

It wasn’t until 2002 that these strict regulations finally got relaxed. Punters could finally bet on single matches. In addition to this, there was also a reduction in the tax percentage that bookmakers previously passed on the punters. These changes made soccer betting much more accessible to punters.

This also acted as a stimulus for the boom on soccer betting online. These days, there are more and more online soccer betting websites than there are actually land based betting shops that offer wagering on soccer.

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