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Squeeze Feature in Baccarat: Slow Reveal for Added Suspense

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  • Written by Anette
  • Posted on May 29, 2020
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Home News & Articles Squeeze Feature in Baccarat: Slow Reveal for Added Suspense

Baccarat is highly popular at Macau-based casinos. Thanks to live casino technology, players can feel the excitement of playing Baccarat when playing online as well. Baccarat is a straightforward game that does not require any special skill. With its growing popularity, providers compete to provide online casino visitors with as realistic gaming experience as possible.

In this article, OnlineGambling24 presents you a unique feature available at Live Baccarat tables. It is called a squeeze and represents the ritual in which the dealer slowly reveals the card that determines the outcome of the round. Stay with us to learn all about the squeeze feature in Baccarat and its variants you can enjoy at live casinos.

What Is Squeeze Feature in Baccarat?

To help you understand the squeeze feature, we have to explain how Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming works. This is one of the game variants offering the ritual introduced to provide you with an immersive gaming experience when playing the popular card game online. To ensure that, Evolution employs no less than 15 HD cameras, capturing the action from different angles.

how squeeze feature in online baccarat works
Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming
One of the angles is a close-up showing the reveal of the cards. Things get highly exciting when the dealer turns over the final card in an extra close-up. They do it slowly, revealing only small sections of the card, thus letting the player guess what its value may be. Although the squeeze feature does not affect the outcome of the game, it adds anticipation and suspense to the gameplay.

How Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Works?

Another variant of the squeeze feature is available in Baccarat Controlled Squeeze. In this game variant, you can control the squeeze by revealing the card yourself. Again, we have a live dealer game streamed with multiple HD cameras. However, this game uses a unique table featuring a glass panel with two cameras integrated underneath it.

As the cards are dealt face-down, the cameras under the table display their close-up images on the player’s screen. Yet, the faces of the cards are obscured by filters and masks. To see which cards are dealt, the player needs to peel the overlay mask. They can reveal the card’s value by clicking on its edges and corners or simply peel off the mask.

You are allowed to try out Baccarat Controlled Squeeze in free play mode to see if you like the overall experience before you start wagering real money.

Why Play Baccarat Variant with Squeeze Feature?

Squeezing of the cards is a ritual that has been taken from the world of land-based Baccarat and implemented into the live dealer version of the game. It builds suspense, thus providing players with loads of excitement while expecting the card that will determine which side will win the round.

Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Controlled Squeeze by Evolution are the game variants that are the perfect fit for those players who prefer slow-paced action and an experience closest to the one they can enjoy at a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Try out Speed Baccarat for Fast-Paced Gameplay

If you prefer the action taking place at a faster pace, you should consider trying out Live Speed Baccarat, where rounds are completed within 27 seconds only.

Unlike in the game variations using the squeeze feature, in this super-fast game, cards are dealt face-up. This makes rounds last 21 seconds shorter, which makes the game the perfect fit for experienced players who want to play as many rounds as possible.

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