Dream Catcher

The world of live casino games is truly unique – it gives you a chance to experience the thrills of playing in a land-based casino and enjoy the great atmosphere only a Vegas casino offers. Dream Catcher is an amazing live game produced by Evolution Gaming.

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Among the many studios that produce live casino games, Evolution Gaming certainly ranks among the best. This brave developer has produced more than a few live dealer hits since opening its doors in 2006.

In just over a decade, Evolution Gaming established itself as a world leader in live gaming, offering exciting games such as Lightning Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Infinite Blackjack, and Live Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Is Very Popular

How Do You Play Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is one of the latest additions to Evolution Gaming’s growing catalog, being released in 2017. This new live dealer game offers unique gameplay that will appeal to wheel of fortune fans.

Dream Catcher is a part of Evolution Gaming’s brand-new Money Wheel Gaming category designed to attract slot players. It offers a fully immersive gaming experience with a whole set of cameras catching the action from more than a few dynamic angles and close-ups. It really is a live dealer game like no other.

Update: On ICE 2020 Evolution Gaming released a new live game called Crazy Time. Just like Dream Catcher, this game is about a wheel of fortune. Crazy Time is said to be perhaps the most popular live game yet.

The game has a single payline and great minimum and maximum bet limits. You can place bets in the range of £0.10 to £2,500, with the premium prize being an incredible £500,000. The game has an RTP of nearly 97% (96.58% to be exact), so it’s fair to say that your chances of landing wins look pretty good.

Being a game similar to Wheel of Fortune, Dream Catcher is based on luck. There’s no strategy you can use to defeat it and it requires no special skills to be played. That’s exactly why players love it – with such low minimum bet limits and the thrill of luck-based gameplay, Dream Catcher is another hit in Evolution Gaming’s amazing portfolio.


The casino game is pretty easy to play, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned casino player. Every round naturally starts with betting. You decide on the betting amount and the number you want to bet on – only 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 are available.

The higher the number, the bigger the payout. However, betting on higher numbers is also riskier, as they are less likely to appear on the Money Wheel. It’s a pretty simple game played in a similar manned to Wheel of Fortune, so you should have no problem understanding it.

Here are a few examples to make things easier:

  • You place a bet of £2 and bet on number 5 – your payout will be £10 (2×5).
  • A bet of £5 on number 10 – the payout will be £50 (5×10).
  • You place a bet of £1 on number 40 – the payout will be £40 (1×40).

See? The gameplay is not complicated at all – you’re just placing bets on the numbers on the wheel and hope for the best.

Live Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Screenshot

What are the Multipliers?

Besides the great payouts, the game also has an x2 and x7 multiplier. The multipliers will increase the payout of your number of choice by 2 or 7, which can land you supersized wins. When the wheel stops on the x2 or x7 multiplier, all bets are frozen and the wheel spins again.

If you’re so lucky for it to land on the multiplier again, it gets stacked – if it stopped on 7 the first time and on the same multiplier after the second spin, the total multiplier for the winning number will be 14 which means spells out gigantic wins.

Consecutive multiplier wins are capped at £500,000 which is quite a serious amount of money.

Strategies and Tips

Unlike virtual casino games, live dealer games can’t be played for free, meaning you don’t get to practice. You can only play for real money, which can be a bit discouraging for new players. Although Dream Catcher is a game based purely on luck and there are no strategies you can use to beat it, there are some tips you should follow in order to prevent burning all your money away.

When it comes to Dream Catcher, your best bet to win more than a few times is to go with the lower numbers – 1, 2, and 5. Over time, the smaller winnings will accumulate to increase your payroll – once this happens, you can bet on the bigger numbers. You should also pay attention to the statistics of the game and you can also try using a progressive betting method, increasing your bets after a win and reducing them after a loss. This will ensure that your bankroll is kept in check, preventing you from spending it all in a short time.

Dream Catcher Facts

GametypeLive Casino
SoftwareEvolution Gaming
Min. Bet€0,10
Max. Bet€1000
Max. Profit€500000

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Dream Catcher FAQ

Who says live dealer games must stick to roulette and blackjack? It was only a matter of time before the live casino industry came up with something new. More specifically, before Evolution Gaming came up with something new. Dream Catcher is an exciting live dealer game with simple rules that will surely attract young slot players.

Due to its simple rules, Dream Catcher is easy to play and therefore aimed at all casino players. Newcomers will have no problems understanding it, while seasoned casino veterans will find it a breeze to play.

The gameplay is pretty simple – all you have to do is place your bets, then wait for the host to spin the Lucky Wheel. This wheel is divided into 154 segments, with 6 numbers appearing on it – 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20. The higher the number, the less frequently it appears on the wheel and the higher the payout it offers. For example, number 40 appears on the wheel only once, while number 1 appears 23 times.

All you need to do is select your favorite number and place your bet. We suggest trying the game with lower bets at first, as it is a game of chance and you shouldn’t expect frequent wins. If you’re a lucky guy or girl, however, you can try and risk a larger sum on the higher numbers.

The multipliers bring all the fun in Dream Catcher. These numbers multiply the potential winnings, which is music to a player’s ears. 2x and 7x bonus multipliers offer the chance of amazing payouts, making the game extra attractive. The maximum win of $500,000 is only possible with these multipliers, and we can all agree that the sum is pretty great.

Dream Catcher has all the advanced live casino features and is streamed in sharp and clean video quality. Don’t think that just because it’s not roulette, it doesn’t look great. It’s a visually stunning game with attractive hosts and several cameras that offer you the chance to see the action from different angles.

Dream Catcher’s return-to-player percentage is 96.58%, which is pretty decent. This makes it a perfect game for occasional players or those that don’t want to spend a lot of money in online casinos.

The wheel used in Dream Catcher has been designed by TSC John Huxley, a respected live casino equipment vendor in the online gambling world. The wheel has been engineered with unparalleled precision using top-of-the-line technology built exclusively for Evolution Gaming. If you were having doubts about its fairness, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Fully developed on HTML5, you can play Dream Catcher on the two most popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. This means that you can just whip out your phone or tablet and spin the Lucky Wheel anytime you want.

If you’re lucky, yes. The RTP of nearly 97% promises a good return, but don’t think you’ll hit the jackpot with each spin. It’s still a game of chance, and your expectations should be properly adjusted.


Dream Catcher is a great live dealer game that shows why Evolution Gaming is the best live dealer studio in the industry. The presentation is great, the dealers are more than lively, and the possibility of landing massive wins definitely make the game appealing. If you’ve never played a live dealer game before and you want to try one, Dream Catcher is a great starting point.

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