Mega Ball

Imagine you are playing some kind of Bingo, but much more exciting. You can play 1 to 200 cards at the same time and you can win €/$/£500,000 each round !!! That's Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming.

How to Play Mega Ball

1. Choose the bet per Mega Ball Card

At the bottom of your screen you can choose what a card can cost. Minimum bet per card is 0.10 and the maximum per card is 100.00.

Mega Ball Card Value

2. Select the Number of Cards You Want to Play

You will see a number of options in your screen. You can play with 1 card up to a maximum of 200 cards per game. Your bet is per card. So playing 10 cards with a stake of 0.50 will cost you 5.00 per game.

Mega Ball select number of cards

3. 20 Ball are Drawn With the Machine

The game starts. The balls are spinning and 20 balls on a row are drawn.

Mega Ball 20 ball are drawn

4. Filled Lines means Money.

Every filled up line means winning. The more filled up lines on your card, The higher your winnings.

Mega Ball filled up lines

5. The Multiplier is set.

The wheel wit all the multiplier starts spinning and stops. The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum is 100x.

Mega Ball Multiplier

6. The Mega Ball is drawn. The Multiplier is activated

The last ball drawn is the Mega Ball. If this Mega Balls fills up one ore more lines, your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier.

Mega Ball the mega ball is drawn

Play Mega Ball at:

Evolution Gaming has once again wowed the audience at ICE 2020 in London with as many as 12 new and unique games. In addition to Lightning Baccarat and Speed Blackjack which are already available to play at partner casinos, the company presented fun game show-style Crazy Time.

Also the presented Instant Roulette, the fastest Roulette game with multiple synchronised wheels. Power Blackjack which enables players to triple or quadruple their bet on the initial two cards. Live Craps, five new First Person games, and last but not least, Mega Ball.

Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming

It is not bingo and not Keno either, but there are certainly comparative features.. The developer did tell us we’re about to see lottery/bingo style game delivered via a unique game show format. Based on numbers drawn, players will create lines on their Mega Ball cards and benefit from large multipliers. The game clearly has a huge win potential as catching the Mega Ball boosts the bet more than 1,000,000x. However, they have limited the maximum winnings per game. If you get the multiplier at 1,000,000x, the maximum prize is € 500,000 per game.

This is How it Works

First, pick an online casino that offer live casino games from Evolution Gaming in its live casino section. We have already selected online casinos for you. The casinos selected by us are safe and reliable. Just go to the Live Casino section and select the Mega Ball game.

Pick the amount, the value, of a card. You can choose to play 1 card up to a maximum of 200 cards per game. That’s a lot. On a Mega Ball card there are 24 numbers. In the Mega Ball Machine there are 51 numbered baal, and in totakl 21 balls are drawn. The first 20 Balls will fill up your cards and if the 21st ball, that’s the Mega Mall, fills up your card, the multiplier becomes active. It can multiply your winnings up to a 1.000.000 times.

What Can You Win?

It’s all about filling up lines, just like binge.

  • 1 line horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you receive 1x your bet
  • 2 lines and you will receive 5x your bet
  • 3 lines and you will receive 50x your bet
  • 4 lines and you will receive 250x your bet
  • 5 lines and you receive 1,000 x your bet
  • 6 lines or more and you get 10,000x your bet

It’s All About the Last Ball, The Mega Ball

The spectacular part of this game is at the end, because after 20 balls are drawn the wheel of fortune starts spinning. It lists multipliers from 5x to 100x. The multiplier at which the wheel stops applies and at that moment the Mega Ball is drawn. When the Mega Ball completes one or more lines, your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier.

For example: Imagine you are playing a €/$/£5 bet card. After 20 balls you have already completed 2 lines. You are already certain of at least 5x your bet, so that is €/$/£25. Suppose the multiplier is 20x and the Mega Ball ensures that a 3rd line is formed on your card, you win no less than: € 5 (your bet) x 50 (reward for 3 lines on 1 card) x 20 (multiplier) = € 5,000.

Todd Haushalter, the company’s Chief Product Officer, explains that all of Evolution’s new games are built on three pillars: evolving core products like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, providing a range of bonusing tools to be used for promotion of the games, and continuing expansion of the game show assortment.

Mega Ball clearly fits the latter and, according to Haushalter, it’s „another key breakthrough game… that we hope will again open up Live Casino to yet another new group of players“.

Mega Ball Facts

Mega Ball png rond facts

GametypeLive Casino
SoftwareEvolution Gaming
Max. Win500.000
Min. Bet0.10
Max. Bet100

Play Mega Ball Right Now

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No, it may look like it but it’s a different game. There are 21 balls drawn, but it’s not a bingo game, it’s a gambling game.

First there are 20 balls drawn and then the Mega Ball is Drawn. So 21 balls in total.

If you want you can play just 1 card but it’s possible to play a maximum of 200 cards every game at the same time.

Evolution Gaming did a very good job for all you gamblers. You can win 1.000.000x your bet, with a cap of €/$/£500.000.
That’s serious money!

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This Could Be Another Hit for Evolution Gaming

Who knows, Mega Ball may turn out to be another big success and allow Evolution Gaming to add one more statue to an already packed awards cabinet. Monopoly Live managed to do so at this year’s Gaming Intelligence Awards where it was named the Game of the Year. Todd Haushalter believes the title was won owing to;

‘An unique blend of Live Casino, RNG and augmented reality technology’

So perhaps the company used this proven recipe to develop the next product in its game show line-up. It shouldn’t be long before Mega Ball arrives to Evolution Gaming casinos and we can check for ourselves.

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