Nolimit City

Nolimit City is located in Gzira, Malta and has their development in Stockholm, Sweden as well as Gurugram, India. Their mission is to take gambling software to the next level by offering a fast, reliable and flexible team.

We still distinctly recall the first time we discovered Nolimit City. We had just come across Hot Nudge for the first time, and decided to try it out. What followed after was hours of fun and profit, which made us investigate this developer further. And quite frankly, we kicked ourselves for not finding out about Nolimit City sooner!

They’ve been around for at least a decade, and have created some incredibly popular casino games in the meantime. So they’ve more than deserved a developer highlight. So let’s ask the question: just what is Nolimit City, exactly?

About Nolimit City

Nolimit City is a Swedish company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Following its success, they’ve then expanded to Malta, and after that, India. At the time we wrote this highlight, the studio has three offices world-wide.

The team says that their mission is to give the gambling software industry a new perspective, and we can certainly believe it. Nolimit City has taken clear steps to woo casinos, not only by creating awesome games, but also creating their own platform. We won’t bore you with the technical details here: just know that it’s incredibly easy for online casinos to implement their slots.

The company has two licenses: one by the Malta Gaming Authority, and another by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Two of the most reputable and trusted licenses currently available on the market! Both of these institutions do their best to protect online gamblers and their interests. Having licenses from both goes a long way to building trust between Nolimit and their playerbase.

Coins of Furtune is a popular Slot
Coins of Furtune is a popular Slot
Tractor Beam on all Devices
Tractor Beam on all Devices

Nolimit City’s Slots

While they’re not a household name just yet, the team does have a few well known releases under their belt. What we like best about this developer is that they don’t waste your time. They offer high volatility games, with RTPs that rarely, if ever, dip below 96%.

Special features are a big deal for us, since they’re usually what defines slots. And so far, Nolimit City has been quite successful at keeping things fresh with each release. Even when they use the same mechanic, like multipliers, they’ll do it in in a different way. Think Nudging multipliers from Hot Nudge versus the multipliers in Starstruck.

Below are some of our favorite Nolimit City picks. We had a blast playing these, and we think you will enjoy them just as much as we have.

    • Casino Win Spin

If we had to sum this slot up in four words, it would be: Simple gameplay executed well. Don’t mind its generic name or the fruit machine design. This game can and will knock your socks off with some awesome wins, if you let it. And it does it all with just a few Wilds and a multiplier that climbs up to 5x!

    • Tractor Beam

What will an alien invasion look like? Apparently, they’ll make it rain cows and chickens! It’s a rather baffling theme that hides some very satisfying gameplay. If you enjoy making entire parts of your reel disappear, then this will be the perfect Nolimit City release for you. The Abduction Spins alone make it worth checking this game out.

    • Hot Nudge

Good, proper steampunk can be so hard to find, especially in slots! This release is also the first time we played a game made by this developer, so it’s near and dear to our hearts. As the name implies, it’s all about that Nudge bonus. Every other special features uses it to an extent. If you ask us, Wilds use it best! With just a few nudges, your multiplier climbs to 10x, and some awesome wins become available.

    • Coins of Fortune

A fantastic mixture of tradition and futurism, we’ve yet to meet a person who wasn’t impressed by this slot’s background. Seeing this sprawling shrine surrounded by hologram adverts and massive buildings is very striking. But what truly stuck in our minds was the Lucky re-spin special feature. Scatter-Wilds that move, get collected, and increase your multiplier? Sign us up right this instant!

    • Starstruck

Don’t let the basic graphics drive you away – there’s some thrilling winning potential to be found here! Both visuals and gameplay are clearly inspired by fruit machines of old, but Nolimit City puts their own twist on it using special features. You’ve got Wild multipliers that can multiply each other, and a pick-and-click that can grant 1000x your total stake. If all fruit machines were like that, we’d play them more often!

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What the future brings

The developer does also offer less exotic special features like free spins and Wilds. But it feels like every slot that comes out offers something a little different than what we get from other providers. We can only hope this trend continues – it’s what made us fall in love with this developer in the first place!

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