Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf slot has been and remains one of our all time favorites. With a few simple mechanics and some awesome math, it will blow away the piggy houses and your heart! Read OG24’s review to find out just why we love this game so much.

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Details about the slot Big Bad Wolf

Reels5 Reels
Paylines30 Paylines
RTP97.34% RTP
Coin value0.25 - 100.00
Maximum payoutunlimited
Bonus GameYes
Free SpinsYes
Progressive JackpotNo
Scattered symbolsYes
Wild SymbolsYes

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Just about everyone’s heard the story of the fierce wolf and the three piggies. It might be a bit on the snout, but the life lesson it offers is certainly one we’ve taken to heart!

And while this slot does come a little too close for comfort with its child friendly themes, we can’t argue the results. Quickspin combines gameplay and visuals into something spectacular, which will force players to come back for more!

Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

Big Bad Wolf is played on a five reel board, where each reel is three symbols tall. There are a total of twenty five paylines, which cannot be turned on or off. To win, collect three or more identical icon in adjacent positions, starting with the leftmost reel. After each win, those symbols are blown away, making room for new ones to take their place! All wins must follow one of the currently active paylines.

From that description, you know cascading reels await you! Or, as the developers call it in their release, Swooping Reels. After two, four or six consecutive wins using that mechanic, each of the three piggies becomes Wild. Find three or more wolf Scatters, and you’ll win ten free spins, during which you can trigger the Blowing Down the House bonus. Collect enough moons, and you receive extra spins and a 2x multiplier!

Theme & Symbols

Odds are, you’ve probably heard of this story already. Three piglets decide to build their houses out in the countryside. The first two were lazy, making them quickly out of hay and wood, while the third piglet made his properly with bricks. When night came, and the wolf came ‘round to eat them, the two flimsy houses failed! But the sturdy brick house kept the wolf out. The lesson? If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

Quickspin certainly seems to adhere to that mantra, because their slot looks gorgeous! Most of the time, you see this idyllic countryside, with sprawling fields full of crops. Then, special features come into play, and you’ll see the houses getting blown away, and piggies running to the next one! It’s been a while since we have seen this much effort go into a game’s graphics.

Big Bad Wolf Gameplay
Big Bad Wolf Gameplay
Unfortunately, the icon designs aren’t as impressive. You’ll find some playing card royals, a knitted piglet, and the three regular piggies from the story. We like that each of our porcine pals is also animated, but we’re not huge fans of the playing card royals. Admittedly, it is quite satisfying watching them all get blown away after being part of a win. A bee hive is this release’s Wild, while the wolf and Moon are Scatters.

How to Play Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is played on a 5×3 board, with a total of 25 active paylines with Swooping Reels active. The slot has a medium-high volatility, and a jackpot worth 1268x your total stake. Keep that variance in mind, because landing anything close to that top prize is incredibly difficult. You’ll not only have to make use of free spins, but also blow down all the houses to reach the 2x multiplier!

That said, we’d rather have multiple special features that we need to combine than just one boring bonus. If you’re more profit driven, you will probably disagree, but the fun factor is also important to your long-term enjoyment of a game! With Swooping Reels, extra Wilds and free spins all playing a role, you always have something new waiting to activate. Dull, grindy moments when nothing is happening are few and far between.

What we really like about Quickspin is how easy they make changing your bet. They tell you the number of active paylines and your coin value, sure. But they don’t make you adjust them manually. You just tap the Total Bet button, and select the value at which you want to play! It can be as low as €0.25 or as high as €100.00 on each spin!

Bonus Features

  • Swooping Reels
  • After each win, symbols that awarded the cash prize are blown away. Existing icons will fall down to take their place, while brand new symbols fall from the top. This allows lucky online gamblers to effectively score several wins by paying for only one spin. And this mechanic is also used in the next special feature, titled…

  • Pigs Turn Wild
  • Each second consecutive win using Swooping Reels turns one of the pig icons into Wilds! So after six wins, all three piggies are Wilds, increasing your odds of landing big wins!

  • Free Spins
  • Collect three or more wolf Scatters to win ten free spins. Snag three or more wolf Scatters while extra turns are being played to win ten more free spins!

  • Blowing Down the House
  • During free spins, you can collect Moon symbols to help the Wolf blow down the wooden and brick houses. You need three moons to destroy the wood, house, which just grants two extra turns. Destroying the brick house requires collecting six moons in total, but rewards two free spins and a 2x multiplier!

Big Bad Wolf Payouts

Big Bad Wolf has a medium high volatility and a jackpot worth 1268x your total stake. The slot’s RTP is 97.34%, which is a whole percentage point above the current industry average of 96%.

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We had some initial reservations over the child friendly theme, but we gave this game a shot regardless. And in doing so, we ended up discovering one of our all time favorites! It’s not the most lucrative release, or the prettiest one. But it was good enough to win Best Game of the Year at the 2013 EGT Awards. So you know it’s a quality product!

    The Positives!

    • The sheer amount of effort put into the graphics and animations is mind-blowing. Even now, several years later, you can still play Big Bad Wolf and be impressed by what you see. Hats off to Quickspin, they really created something awesome.
    • Our enjoyment is also helped by the interesting gameplay! Swooping Reels could probably carry the show by themselves if they occurred frequently enough. But with free spins, Pigs Turn Wild and a multiplier in the mix? It goes from kind of fun to outright addictive!
    • These mechanics are also useful in creating lots of small to medium sized wins, which combine into a decent prize towards the end. Again, this is owed to Swooping Reels extending free spins from the initial ten to twenty or even thirty!

    The Negatives..

    • We can’t say we’re too comfortable with the child friendly theme Quickspin chose for their release. It just feels weird associating a story for kids with gambling.
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We honestly cannot recommend Big Bad Wolf enough. It held up spectacularly, and can still give some newer slots a run for their money! Fun gameplay, cool graphics and a solid jackpot? What’s not to love?

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