Why is Video Poker So Often Overlooked in Casino Lobbies?

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  • Posted on July 10, 2020
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Online gambling is thriving at the moment, with new online casinos appearing almost regularly. Most of them will follow the same pattern, offering pretty much a similar selection of content, promotions and bonuses, with slight variations depending on the casino’s theme.

Of course, some will risk a bit by trying to bring something completely new to the market, in order to stand out from their competitors and attract new customers.

No matter what they offer, or how bold they are, new online casinos seem to have one thing in common, and that’s a lack of a decent video poker offering. We can’t say they’ve completely forgotten about this genre, but the majority of online casinos have a very limited choice. Some don’t even have a section dedicated to video poker at all.

Trying to Figure Out the Cause

The most important question is why do online casinos so often overlook video poker? The reasons for it could be numerous, but we’re going to point out the fact the live dealer tables have recently seen a surge in popularity, moving players away from the virtual table and card games.

However, setting up live dealer games can prove to be much more expensive to run when compared to a game that uses a random number generator (RNG).

Another factor could be the importance that online slots have for the entire industry, at least when compared to traditional casino games. Just look at the modern video slots, which have rapidly evolved over the years, and now boast stunning graphics, revolutionary features, and almost look like real video games. On the other hand, video poker hasn’t changed much since the turn of the century.

Jacks or Better gamplay
What is the main reason behind Video Poker’s struggle for popularity in online casinos?

When launching a new online casino, putting slots on a prominent place is a smart thing to do, as it will certainly draw more players and in turn bring more money.

Despite their simple graphical appearance, video poker does have advantages of its own. Take the average Return to Player (RTP) for example. In a video slot, an RTP usually ranges from 90% to 96%, which means the casino can have a house edge of up to 10%. The RTP is much higher in video poker games, and that can prove to be very beneficial for players, especially in the long term.

There Are Other Important Factors

The RTP can be an important factor, especially if you’re a high roller.

However, it would be unfair to claim that online casinos avoid video poker just for profit alone. There’s the question of technology as well. Casino games are rapidly changing, making the most out of the latest technology, so it makes perfect sense to put them ahead of video poker. The same applies to live dealer games.

Video slots and live casino games are what’s drawing players at the moment, and are the industry’s best selling products. Just take a look at innovative new features in the latest video slots.

Video poker machines still have their place in the world of casino games, especially when it comes to traditional land-based venues. They not only occupy the main casino floor but bars as well, bringing their fair share of profit to the gambling industry.

And that’s why they deserve respect from online casinos.

Let’s get one thing straight: video poker was never meant to be the star any online casino offer. It was there to make the portfolio more diverse, to provide players with a choice, and to give them a break from the main deal.

That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included in the offering. Without video poker, new online casinos will be missing a trick, that’s for sure.

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