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There is something very atmospheric about Extra Chilli. This Big Time Gaming slot is full of surprises. Read our review and try it for free to find out.

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Details about the slot Extra Chilli

SoftwareBig Time Gaming
Reels6 Reels
Paylines117649 Paylines
RTP96.82% RTP
Coin value0.20 - 40.00
Maximum payoutunlimited
Bonus GameNo
Free SpinsYes
Progressive JackpotNo
Scattered symbolsYes
Wild SymbolsYes

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We love the taste of chilli, but we might have some cause for concern if the peppers were blue! The market feels somewhat old-timey, and you can see plenty of stalls full of various vegetables.

At the same time, you can see modern, beautiful buildings in the distance, creating a sense of contrast. It makes the game look gorgeous!

Extra Chilli review

Extra Chilli is a 2018 slot set in a quiet Mexican town. It offers six reels, with each row having a different height on every spin. It makes use of the Megaways system, forgoing traditional paylines in the process. Wins are, instead, awarded when three or more identical symbols land adjacent to each other from left to right. And between 25 fixed paylines and 117649 ways to win, we know which one we would pick!

It wouldn’t be chilli if there wasn’t a bit of spice! And this game brings the spice in the form of its special features! Cascading reels, free spins, and an unlimited win multiplier guarantee a fun time.. if you can activate them! There is also an extra, four icons wide reel that helps complete winning combination. For the risk-takers out there, you can also try your luck at the Free Spins gamble!

Extra Chilli gameplay1
Extra Chilli gameplay

Theme & Symbols

Everyone knows good chilli needs good ingredients. Still, we would never have expected Big Time Gaming to take us shopping for them! Odds are, you will probably pay a lot more for these precious peppers than the store-bought variant! At the same time, you cannot land a massive, life-changing jackpot at the store, either!
We already mentioned how we like the background image. The little strung-up flags being gently caressed by the wind is simple, yet quite effective!

We also like the wooden planks on which the symbols are drawn breaking into splinters and exploding. But while the developer nailed the feeling, it failed miserably with icons. We really have to wonder if someone at the artist team has a thing for gemstones. Because we cannot seem to shake them regardless of what slot we are looking at! It’s going to be the world’s richest chilli with peppers made out of amethysts and emeralds, that’s for sure! Add the bland playing card symbols, and you have the perfect disaster.

How to play Extra Chilli

Big Time Gaming’s release is played on six reels. Thanks to the Megaways system, each reel has a varying height that changes on each spin. So you can have only two icons in one reel, but the other one can be seven symbols high. Optimally, all reels would have seven icons, and you would reach the maximum 117649 ways to win that way. But that is something which rarely happens.

Now, for some reason, a highly volatile six reel game with MegaWays and suspiciously familiar special features sounds familiar. Yes, dear readers, this is another remake of Bonanza, with a few added bells and whistles. We like iteration and improving an existing product. But that slot also has to stand on its own two feet, instead of being Bonanza+.

Players will be quite happy with the value of Extra Chilli. Namely, your wagers behave as if there are 20 active paylines, instead of having the insanely profitable MegaWays system. As a result, you can bet as little as €0.20 per spin, and still get some fantastic wins. High rollers will be somewhat happier with this game, since the maximum wager was bumped up to €40.

Extra Chilli Bonus Features

If you played Bonanza before, you will know exactly what to expect from this Big Time Gaming release.

  • Extra Reel
  • The reel is now beneath the playing field instead of above it. Four symbols will appears from left to right, and serve as an extension of the second, third, fourth and fifth reel. When one icon is part of a winning combination, it is removed. Existing icons move to the left, and a new one appear on the rightmost position.

  • Reactions
  • This is what most gamblers know as cascading reels. After a winning combination is formed, it blows up, leaving empty spaces behind. Existing symbols will fall down to take their place. Meanwhile, new icons will fall from the top of the reels, and occupy any leftover room at the very top. This mechanic can be used by players to chain several wins together.

  • Free Spins
  • Three free spins spelling out the word HOT in golden letters rewards eight free spins. Every extra Scatter after the first three adds four more extra turns. After the special feature starts, Scatters can only appear in the extra reel. Three or four Scatters at once grant four or eight more free spins.

  • Unlimited Win Multiplier
  • Each time online gamers make use of the Reactions mechanic to chain multiple wins together, the multiplier increases by one. It continues growing until the end of free spins, at which point it resets.

  • Free Spins Gamble
  • This bonus is deceptively simple! You have a large wheel with five green and five black spots. You spin the wheel, and if it lands on the green spot, the number of extra turns increases. If it lands on the black, the amount of free spins decrease. The special features continues until one of three conditions are met:
    The number of free spins reaches 24 (Win)
    The player collects the current number of free spins they have won
    The number in black reaches zero and the gambler loses all extra turns

  • Feature Drop
  • While not a mechanic in itself, it is important to mention. Players can sink cold, hard cash and skip the wait for free spins, going directly to the good part. During normal gameplay, small golden coins will occasionally appear. They reduce the price of Feature Drop, making it more affordable the longer you play.

Gamble for More Free Spins
Gamble for More Free Spins


Extra Chilli is incredibly volatile, so much so that we would not recommend it to new players. There is no upper limit as to how high the jackpot can go, thanks to the slot’s mechanics. The RTP ranges between 96.15% up to 96.41% for normal gameplay. Gamblers who use Feature Drop have an RTP between 96.26% up to 96.82%.

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This game is effectively Bonanza 2. It kept all the gameplay, added a fresh coat of paint, and an extra special feature.

The Positives

  • Gorgeous visual presentation. The slot gives off a sense of calm and serenity.. up until you start winning!
  • The jackpot is still as mouth-wateringly high as ever before! Fittingly spicy for the game’s theme.
  • Feature Drop is great for impatient players. Coins that lower the price of Feature Drop make it useful for everyone else, too.

The Negatives

  • It’s just Bonanza with one or two more things. Unless you are making a direct sequel, we expect a little more originality from your slot.
  • Symbols are just as awful as they have always been. At least this release did not swipe theirs directly from another game.
  • Oppressively high volatility will be too hot for many wallets to enjoy.

Like with Who wants to be a Millionaire?, the question comes down to what you want. If you want Bonanza with some improvements, then Extra Chilli is the perfect slot for you. For players who want something new and exciting? Sadly, this Big Time Gaming release is not for us.

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