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The casino software provider is definitely oriented towards expansion, since their original Isle of Man office was recently joined by three more offices in London, Manila and Athens.

Booming Games are the ones to blame for making a ‘boom’ in the online gambling industry. Despite not being part of the group of pioneering online casino software developers that appeared in the early years of the business, Booming Games brings to the table a range of unique content easily set it apart from the rest.

With enough space to develop, create and distribute, the team of experts, programmers and designers at Booming Games has been meeting and exceeding expectations. The game portfolio speaks further to this point, as you will see soon enough, as well as the rest of the solutions and products cooked up in the Booming Games labs.

Booming Games Software & Games

Booming Games are about more than just games – the company additionally offers a fully fledged back office solution. Thus, operators would not only get the titles they ask for with an impeccable integration feature, but also a range of analysis, comparison and control tools across the back-end platform for total overview of the product.

Speaking of the games casinos ask for, there is something to be said about in-house dedicated game development. To put it more precisely, this company additionally offers bespoke game development services, so if an online casino operator is looking for a particular slot with just the right features, they can simply have it developed by the in-house team.

Otherwise, the Booming Games company has been keeping up with the industry competitors, and recently performed one of the more promising moves, partnering up with other companies. While this means greater market coverage, accessibility and other possibilities, it hasn’t taken any toll on the game quality or generosity.

Booming Games remains recognizable as a slot developer exclusively, as no table games have yet been added to their portfolio. However, the slot titles that are present in the selection so far are definitely making up for it, and then some. The slots featured in the selection guarantee a unique gameplay, considering they are filled with special features such as multi-direction paylines, a number of bonuses and payout chances, as well as additional elements that make them more engaging than usual.

Monster Munchies is a Popular Slot Developed by Booming Games
Monster Munchies is a Popular Slot Developed by Booming Games


The specific titles included in their game portfolio range from 1 to 7-reel slots, meaning there is bound to be something for everyone. Some of the most popular titles include The King Panda, Monster Munchies which work with popular themes, while features are most distinguished at Paddy’s Pub, Chicago Nights, Galactic Speedways, Revolution, Santa’s Kiss, Wild Pride and a range of other slots.

A trademark of the company’s slots is the Perma 4-Way Pay which has players winning all four ways, sideways and top and bottom on specific titles. Interested enthusiasts can look for titles such as Sweet emojis, Goal!!! and Shark Meat and see lines 1-4 paying left to right, while 5-8 pay in the opposite direction. Lines 9-12 pay top to bottom, and the other way around applies for lines 13-16.

Having all that in mind, the only thing that could make Booming Games a better place for slot enthusiasts is if you could take them with you on the go. And you can do that, thanks to the HTML5 tech used when developing the games in order to make them fit any screen size and device capabilities.

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History and Licenses

This developer boasts an authorization from the highly reputable UK Gambling Commission as a licensed and regulated company. Since their games have become available in plenty global marketplaces, they have additionally obtained licenses from the respective authoritative bodies in the specific jurisdictions as well.

Back when it all started in 2014, the company had a single license and operated out of their home office in the Isle of Man. Since then, they have addressed all the needs of the respective markets they cater to, and expanded greatly thanks to their recent partnership with Asia Gaming and Xin Gaming.

They are also continuously working on bringing more innovation into the slot gameplay and the way players experience it. This has helped them maintain their integrity, quality and progressiveness, while evolving and growing at the same time.

What Does the Future Hold for Booming Games?

There is nothing but a booming future for this developer, considering their track record so far. While they may surprise their followers with a dip into table games or other casino content, slots seem to have a firm precedence in their minds. All in all, their releases are bound to keep slot enthusiasts on their toes as they have been doing for some time now, and their bankroll balances in the black for that matter.

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